Chapter 0: 100,000 Blessed. I’m from a small town in India. I know the value of opportunities. This means the world to me. Everyday I TRY my best to do most I can and get better. Started with 3000$ in Aug 2019. Key is self belief and relentlessness. And 2020 market helped. Always learning. ------------------------------- Thanks for everyone's wishes. For those asking about my stats, I track in my personal excel sheet. I'm planning to upload into profitly very soon. But here are some snapshots from my spreadsheet.

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JMad Jan 02, 21 9:29 AM

This is incredible. You did such an amazing job. Really inspiring to see your growth and success. I’m sure we will be seeing you at the $1M milestone soon enough!

nbn707 Jan 02, 21 4:48 PM

Thanks man @JMad Appreciate your comments!

Boz Jan 15, 21 3:57 PM

Tbh since I started in March 2020, I was watching your alerts in chat because I liked how you traded. Glad to see you succeeding more every day. Hope I can keep learning from you.

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@iamNBN just became a fully transparent trader today!

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ANDC51 Dec 16, 20 10:45 AM

Congratulation for crossing the $100,000 mark, I join the challenge in June and I have not made my first trade yet, I need somebody like you to guide me to get my feet wet. Can you do that?

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