Finally starting to found my consistency - Even with two bad trades (I should have cut off the losses quicker), I'm able to keep the average on all trades (won and lost) above 8% and closing April with nice gains. So, this is the third month in a row on profits (I'm not considering January, although closed with + few hundreds of bucks, cause a health problem that took me away most of the month by trading) and considering the remaining part of the investment I had in January, a little over 2K, I'm happy with. But this isn't time for relapse, I'm still at halfway far by the break-even point, thus I need to stay committed and dedicated, be patient and solid. Reflection: it's strange how all those stuff you couldn't bear anymore to hear from Tymothy for all the times he has repeated them, now have become your creed.

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The Interactive Brokers is not supported to verify trades any more on the website and Its been over 5 months this issue has been remaining. So i decided to upload all my trades on

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