@Sosonja06 Welcome to the family. My advice never let your loses exceed more than 30% of your trade. If you ever make a mistake cut your loses straight away and put it down as a learning curve.

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Sosonja06 Jul 21, 15 3:02 AM

Thank you @RussianBear ❤️

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[TimAlerts] Hi everyone, i'm new, from switzerland? i did yesterday my first live trade on $ohrp and made first a profit 20$ ? but then i pushed the wrong button - short! I didn't want but know i have to see what to do, any tips for me? Could it go up and i could buy or its possible to short today? I got it 3.40, thank you for each help

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Proptrader101 Jul 11, 15 1:44 PM

When i first started, I jumped in on his alerts, but always got filled near the highs before price dropped back down. Now i just watch his alerts and if price drops back down to my level, I take the trade.

todddunnigan Jul 11, 15 2:03 PM

@Raze120 The emotions were the part I wasn't ready for. It's a totally different thing (for me anyway) when you've got real skin in the game, learning to tame that will be my biggest challenge. Right now I'm a hormonal teenage boy but I'm getting a grip

timothysykes Jul 11, 15 8:26 PM

Sorry to hear, but you need to watch my videos/read watch lists, I'm usually selling the next morning on breakouts

AussieGainz Jul 12, 15 6:52 AM

Everyone's First trade is messy. I Tried to close my position and instead ended up shorting :/ Could of been a $500+ trade but instead was a $110. So don't worry, your definitely not alone.

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Sosonja06 Jul 05, 15 9:10 AM

no i'm german swiss, thank you for your tip i will check americacap

akalur1892 Jul 09, 15 12:36 AM

Hey take a look at etrade, its amazing. they have their software for the mac too, its a beauty. And they also have a wide variety of shares for both long and shorts. Also they need only a minimum deposit of $500

TimLento Jul 09, 15 12:44 PM

Free charts, level 2, practice account, watchlists, price alerts, live news, earnings calendar, and scans. Just create an account, no deposit required. http://profit.ly/5004NC

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