Jlkand May 11, 18 1:30 PM

if I was you , I ll stop trading , and Study more, and more and more, then back trading

NOOB3275 May 11, 18 5:22 PM

i think you will be better soon, but learn quick how to cut your lost, Like Tim and other great traders here they know how to get out

Jlkand May 12, 18 10:47 AM

yeah... don't be too confortable on a losing position, CUT IT QUICK !

ren108 May 12, 18 4:15 PM

thanks for sharing...

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Received 55 Karmas
finnigen Oct 13, 18 6:37 AM

Thank you so much for the video lessons! They really help! Keep up the amazing work!!!

Jakestocks52 Nov 08, 18 7:46 PM

you only put out great content and i love and respect the hell out of it

Nickneal17 Jul 23, 19 8:27 AM

@Huddie I typed a full page of notes on this video alone. I haven't yet seen the Framework DVD, but you gave a solid idea of it. Thank you for reviewing this and solidifying the knowledge I have been building up.

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Noble1222 Mar 14, 18 6:57 PM

thank you so much for posting this and the explanations. you saved me a lot of heartache as i have been hurting myself buying strength and tops. i'm going to keep watching this and look more carefully at the charts beginning tomorrow.

Osvaldo Mar 14, 18 8:07 PM

Like the video Thank you!

SKYisDLimit Mar 15, 18 8:24 AM

great info as always... good job

Clovis Mar 15, 18 4:21 PM

Very nice video, great explanation on support! Keep videos coming;)

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Avster85 Oct 06, 17 3:55 PM

@timothysykes Good call, Tim...thank yo for the insight and guidance, much appreciated! :)

Anthonypasquale Oct 06, 17 8:43 PM

We the north. Good to see some other Canadians chasing the dream too.

theoldguy Oct 06, 17 10:42 PM

Maybe not trade live Avi, but I see nothing wrong with getting together to learn.

ren108 Oct 09, 17 1:01 PM

i am from GTA too. but watching videos and studying. no trading yet. learning to make a watch list.

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ren108 Oct 05, 17 9:04 AM

Wondeful read !! thanks

Tone Oct 08, 17 2:59 AM

Really well written. Very professional looking site, I think I can learn a lot by going through the content. This go my attention: 'Breakouts that occur somewhere between days 3-10 are my favorite, and this is when most of the earnings winners with serious legs end up breaking out.'

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