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doublej0103 Jan 21, 10:27 PM

I am also interested in knowing your criteria for buying breakout and first green days

SDYTrader85 Feb 13, 4:25 PM

Great post, just watched your YouTube videos also. Super helpful, so thank you for those! It would be great to get a video on both first green days and panic dip buys! I struggle with finding the right entry on dips and when to know if the turn is real or a fake! Thanks!

Aanko1991 Feb 20, 5:20 AM

Thanks Mason. Can't believe I read word by word. Thanks again my man.

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@Wilkins0714 just became a fully transparent trader today!

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keepingthefaith Jul 02, 18 6:57 PM

Thank You! It was cutting out the whole 2 hours I finally gave up.Will have to catch it after they post it. Hope it got better for you!

WolverineMean Jul 19, 18 3:58 PM

I bailed earlier. I was having trouble staying awake. Appreciate the karma!!

keepingthefaith Jul 20, 18 4:07 PM

no worries was wondering if you ever got it lol. thank you too.

dmk516 Sep 28, 18 7:39 PM

Thanks for the Karma much appreciated

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