Jlkand May 11, 18 1:30 PM

if I was you , I ll stop trading , and Study more, and more and more, then back trading

NOOB3275 May 11, 18 5:22 PM

i think you will be better soon, but learn quick how to cut your lost, Like Tim and other great traders here they know how to get out

Jlkand May 12, 18 10:47 AM

yeah... don't be too confortable on a losing position, CUT IT QUICK !

ren108 May 12, 18 4:15 PM

thanks for sharing...

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kobayashimaru Apr 10, 18 11:37 PM

Good luck to you on your journey, and may each day be profitable or at the least fun. Trading is Fun-da-mental, if it's not fun you'll go mental.

TerrapinShorts Apr 11, 18 3:45 AM

It's good to see you finally taking the leap of faith, all you need to do now is to put the hours in and enjoy the process. Remember its the journey that counts.

Jlkand Apr 11, 18 10:12 AM

if you believe in YOU and in the abilities to learn by the rules,YOU WILL MAKE IT

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wannabestocktrader Nov 08, 17 4:18 PM

Awesome! @JimJay I know the feeling. I started really studying and investing in my education around the same time, and it's been a struggle, but as long as you keep at it and keep working hard to get better, I'm sure you'll get things turned around. I'm in the same boat, and it sucks at times not being able to hit big solid winners, but you have to trust in yourself that you'll get there eventually.

collegetrader93 Nov 08, 17 5:48 PM

@davecomb I actually have been following Tim for almost a good year now, but have not committed as much time to studying and watching the market as I currently do now. I think what really helped me was the absurd amount of necessary research I had to put into understanding: terminology, trading patterns, how to recognize trade patterns, controlling my emotions, and understanding when to cut losses. Thankfully I haven't had to cut losses yet, but I've came close.

collegetrader93 Nov 08, 17 5:50 PM

@JimJay Thank you! I am subscribed to Tim's watchlist, and believe that helps give me direction. I also watch for double bottom reversals, giving me confirmation whether or not to enter a trade.

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@Jlkand just became a fully transparent trader today!

Jlkand Oct 19, 17 12:52 PM

Short 1k share on my Demo TDamericatrade #SPPI at 19.00 cover at 18.77, got out with 230$.!! just experimenting my first trade , its crazy, getting warm up before passing LIVE

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