@RolandWolf Hi! I'm watching the DVD. Would you please add a speed option so I can listen on double speed? Thanks!

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LizLele Feb 10, 20 2:35 PM

Yea I agree but sometimes it keeps me more engaged

JoeBloggs Mar 24, 20 10:29 AM

I wouldn't double speed, devil is in the detail. So many gems.

LizLele Mar 24, 20 11:05 AM

I was in grad school and worked full time. I didn’t have time but I still tried

priscillac22 Sep 13, 20 1:37 AM

I have to watch Chapter 6 over and over just to get reading the flings down. Trying to find volumes. Its alot of work but can pay off in the end. Thank you Roland for your knowledge, it appreciated

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Broke every rule! Kicking myself in the a$$... Have I learned NOTHING! Got into CEI yesterday at .35 with the plan to get out at .60 but the trade was doomed from the start because I came into this trade really with no strategy and no real reason other than price and % gainer in my screener. It was another impulsive trade based on no real research or understanding of the stock. I also took much too large of a position for my account (5000 shares). Because I didn't do the work, I wasn't confident in the trade and was easily spooked and took a loss of $256.53. Woke up this morning to see CEI had shot up 200%... WHAT! Then the woulda, coulda, shoulda got the best of me. Seeing that had I played it exactly perfect I could have made almost $7000. Then the reasonable side kicked in and rationalized that it was a terrible play and only if I had been psychic and 100% right on everything I could have made that $$$ but it was still a horrible trade and would have just been dumb luck teaching all the wrong things. Kept watching the stock though... Then what did I do you ask? I chased the stock, bought in again @ $1.12 trying to rationalize that I'd take a much smaller position and see what happens. DUMB! Even worse when the stock started dropping I bought in 500 more at $1.09! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME??? Watched the stock go up and down and down and down... My heart couldn't take it anymore. Closed out my position with a loss of an additional $205.89 (VOMIT)... Back to studying. Trading is off limits to me for the time being. I didn't earn but I definitely learned <Ouch>

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kobayashimaru Apr 10, 18 11:37 PM

Good luck to you on your journey, and may each day be profitable or at the least fun. Trading is Fun-da-mental, if it's not fun you'll go mental.

TerrapinShorts Apr 11, 18 3:45 AM

It's good to see you finally taking the leap of faith, all you need to do now is to put the hours in and enjoy the process. Remember its the journey that counts.

Jlkand Apr 11, 18 10:12 AM

if you believe in YOU and in the abilities to learn by the rules,YOU WILL MAKE IT

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