Rookie_X Nov 01, 18 12:10 AM

use interactive brokers , etrade or ( td ameritrade it also has free software)

Finansmannen Nov 04, 18 4:33 PM

Ok. i need more money to start with interactive brokers, and i cant use the 3k loophole. Also etrade does not support my country, i am from sweden. And when it comes to td ameritrade i dont know if they support my country? if they do how much do i need to start an account. I am planning to start with 2-2,5k. I need a broker that has good short list and has fast execution time, and also one that does nt have the patter day tradng rule.

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Craigtradesthis Feb 14, 18 3:34 PM

@RookieTrader1 Yea so much oppurtunity on this today. Nice job.

vootz77 Feb 15, 18 5:16 AM

That was me, i guess - excellent explanation. Thank you very much =D

DM4BigD Feb 15, 18 7:35 PM

Your a great teacher. This was extremely helpful. Thank you!

Craigtradesthis Feb 16, 18 4:04 PM

@GrihAm3nt4L Good time chatting with you. Looking forward to more

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SAndrews Jul 29, 17 12:26 AM

Fuck yea bro I'm in the same boat love your attitude sick of working for idiot's 😀

Rookie_X Jul 29, 17 4:01 PM

what patterns do you focus on?

anatomic Jul 31, 17 1:15 AM

@RookieTrader1 I have four short selling patterns as of right now. Two are similar. They are shorting "hyperparabolics" (stocks with abnormal volatility) "Multi-day spikes" (just stocks that are over-extended with a morning spike. I also short overextended stocks that have a morning panic and a bounce. My last pattern is called The Death Drop (a stock that gaps down over 7% with a specific intraday pattern.

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