You always comment on my posts in chat. You're a good supporter! Thank you! I hope you're doing well. 8 months into the game and it is taking me THIS LONG to shake off chasing at the top and just buying when it looks right without always waiting for good set-ups. Hopefully I am turning this losing ship around now...

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Yo @Huddie I'm definitely inspired by your journey, this may be a tough question to answer at least by post, but since you are a more recent example of someone taking things to the next level I figured I would ask you. When did it become ideal/possible for you to take up a special broker? I know you are short biased and I am not even close to where you are yet and I actually prefer long setups but it seems like there comes a point when the grittani's/dux's (and now you) said "hey im done with etrade etc, I'm going to open an account with xyz broker." Im not looking for a broker name or an amount or anything like that and certainly not looking to intrude. I just think it would be fantastic to know your thought process and the timing of that decision. Thanks, looking forward to your next leap.

Huddie Jul 18, 7:07 AM

That’s a good question bud. There was a moment where I figured out one Big reason as to why I was over trading / trading poor set-ups. And that reason was; when I’d see a perfect short set-up play out, and I was left on the sidelines because I didn’t have the shares, I would consequently go after less ideal set-ups thereafter due to that feeling of “missed opportunity” and feeling robbed of the trade I wanted. So I fixed that problem by obtaining the broker I needed to cut out that feeling, and

Tman19 Jul 18, 1:10 PM

Thx for the response man, I really appreciate it. I certainly figured it had to do with finding borrows but your comment on over-trading, particularly less ideals set-ups and feeling like you missed out was very insightful. Keep up the hard work and good luck to you.

richesndreams Jul 23, 11:29 AM

I appreciate it, too. It's hard not to get emotional over missed opportunities and wanting to get in "somewhere."

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Jasrai May 30, 1:34 AM

how big was your first account size ?

papajohn May 30, 6:30 PM

@Jasrai I started with about $12.5k, and added another $11k after I lost about half that initial amount.

richesndreams Aug 04, 8:40 AM

Thank you for this post. I have locked myself into a money-losing pattern. Hard to break stupid, bad habits. This post encourages me to stay focused on what DOES work. Thank you again.

NFlash Aug 20, 4:39 PM

GREAT article!! It sincerely was just the inspiration that I needed! Sorry to ask but if you don't mind, would you mind sharing a template of your excel file? Thank you! NFlash,

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Jackaroo May 23, 8:30 PM

@dmatin best way to overcome/grow from a loss in my opinion.

AnneMarita Jun 08, 8:27 PM

One of the best trading videos I've ever seen. Thank you for this.

Teyrex Jun 12, 1:04 AM

Jack thank you bro for breaking this down so clearly. This loss will definitely not define you as a trader but the way you learn from it will! Keep your head high and as you say stay focused on your bread and butter patterns and singles for a while if that's what makes you feel comfortable as a trader for as long as it takes. See you in chat soon, I was wondering why you've been so quite an this makes sense. Thank you for the great lesson!

richesndreams Aug 14, 7:53 AM

No shame at all. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes!!

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richesndreams Aug 11, 9:34 PM

I am encouraged! Thank you for this post, for the reminders and for telling me that you used to use STT but that you use Equity Feed now. Thank you! I must do better on discipline and focusing on a smaller number of set-ups and STICK TO THEM without allowing FOMO to get to me! I know I NEED MUCH MORE DISCIPLINE!! I need to turn this losing ship around!!

LHowell Aug 15, 12:32 AM

Thank you for sharing your very honest and inspiring anniversary post!

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