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Hagen Jun 29, 12:08 AM

2018 is my year. Start small so you can try to get all the bad stuff out of your trading system. Dont overtrade,cut losses quick,don’t go for home runs. Follow your trading plan unless pa is saying different. This is a marathon not a sprint. So as long as I stick to the rules I’ll come out on top

SBeckey Jul 09, 12:24 PM

2018 is my starter year, so I want to get the bad trades out of the way, so that 2019 will be a better then the next year the best

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smhart01 Mar 31, 10:13 PM

Thanks for the great video

Miah Jun 25, 11:34 PM

Watched this many times on youtube and now again here on Great video man, I feel like I am so close to getting consistent and making consecutive green months. Just need to keep studying and pushing myself to get better everyday.

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Huddie Aug 04, 17 6:42 PM

Hey Tim, one thing i struggle with is determining when the bounce is done. So when you shorted MBRX at 3.10, for the first time, how did you figure that the bounce had topped out?

TATwinz Dec 16, 17 8:01 PM

I cannot see your video here TIM, why..?

Willbee_Rich Jul 01, 12:12 PM

If someone can figure it out is you. Thanks for sharing Tim.

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xbows Aug 03, 17 9:02 PM

I think Nate M. and Sykes parted ways a few years ago and now the guys at IU post their trades on Tradervue

redwolf90 Aug 03, 17 9:55 PM

They should settle their differences with a freestyle rap battle like grown adults

ZachR Nov 29, 17 1:50 PM

be precise with your entries and don't be greedy with your exits. nice work 16of 17 wow!

TATwinz Jan 23, 8:07 PM

awesome, great blog posts thanks. best regards to your wife. i think they just need more kids lol.

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