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terps88 Jun 01, 17 2:02 PM

I loved your videos, they are 10x better than anything else I've seen on I can tell you are thinking out loud as you go, you are learning a lot! I myself do a lot of chart analysis so it's cool to see someone else thinking so analytically.

terps88 Jun 01, 17 2:08 PM

As far as selling goes, I've found it to be much tougher to know when to get out vs. getting in (long or short) I would suggest trying to sell on a breakdown, and from there refine your process to be able to sell quicker at higher prices. Also consider not using every high or low, it can filter out a lot of randomness. Good luck trading!

Pandabear Jun 01, 17 4:57 PM

@terps88 Thanks. I might do another video soon reviewing my trades over the last two weeks. I've also made it a rule to hold through at least 1 dip on the 1-min or switch to the 3-min once I'm in a trade and just wait for the first breakdown. Looking at longer time frames definitely filters out the randomness. The patterns are cleaner and easier to see. Good luck to you too!

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djdavea Dec 06, 16 11:52 AM

Took at $3000+ hit on this. Got into this before joining profitly, should have learned to cut losses early on this one

babynoah Dec 06, 16 11:56 AM

Not a fan of notes anymore. I took hits as well on them this year.

rlatona Dec 06, 16 1:17 PM

Happy to share. Hope this helped some people. I actually had a large portion of my 401K invested in this and got out this morning....thank god I discovered this before it was too late

Fox_Trader Dec 07, 16 5:30 AM

Etrade has shares to short @ 4 percent. I'm in it see what she does in the next 24ish.

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