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MoonShot Mar 29, 17 11:04 AM

Thanks! Got in INNL @ 1.40. almost hit my 1.25 exit, but turned up @ 1.27. Got out at 1.62. for +$1100 on 5K shares

GreTa Mar 29, 17 5:36 PM

I love this SET-UP, I played INNL, I got in a little late only because I didn't see much VOLUME come in, came away with a measly little profit, the better entry would've been the break of the Open like you said.

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Izzy0034 Mar 11, 17 7:55 AM

Thanks for the advise, It's always welcomed.

caj100 Mar 11, 17 8:42 AM

@bigman Thats honestly how I felt a couple weeks ago. I thought studying my ass off was bullshit. I mean it's obvious, you can only take in so much knowledge before getting plateaued. But it's about continuously studying and finding what works for YOU. For some, they might catch on quick, and for others it might take a shit ton of studying. Either way, studying is required or you're going to just lose like I did my first couple months trading.

Bryan3121 Mar 11, 17 10:11 AM

Yea, studying is the way to go.

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