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Pete714 Apr 25, 17 5:51 PM

Great video, thank you!

ThePhoenix Apr 26, 17 5:14 PM

Nice video, thanks for sharing! Quick question, so do you trade the 5 min setup all through the day? or do you switch to 1 min too?

Turbobob Apr 26, 17 6:22 PM

Generally I just use the 5 minute chart. If it is really volatile I will use the 1 minute within th econtext of the 5 minute

TraderJackson May 23, 17 9:51 PM

Really like how you use the 5 and 15. We follow so many stocks from day to day and have to move on the fly. I find myself going back and looking at the 5 and 10 day charts. So the 5 and 15 provide a good frame of reference. Thanks for the tip.

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SanketJ Apr 19, 17 5:55 AM

@DJ1978 Hey! Thank you so much! I've dropped you a quick message! Appreciate your help and support

JordMcKeown Apr 19, 17 6:06 AM

@SanketJ im not too sure on the minimum but i opened an account about a year or 2 ago with only $1500 and it was quite easy from what i remember

DeDave32 Apr 19, 17 8:22 AM

I,m from Ireland, I,m having trouble getting my ITIN. Ameritrade (think or swim) is the way to go. No doubt. $2000 minimum. its worth it to save up the doubh, excellent platform

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SanketJ Apr 04, 17 8:10 AM

Hey thanks for these! Any chances of an explanation on how to best use this?

tstyturnover Apr 04, 17 9:05 AM

I've been using them to quickly gauge 1) history of running, 2) odds of going green or red by end of day given a gap up, and 3) odds of going green or red on day 2 give a run. Intraday predictions are limited to the history of spiking up but not necessarily holding it into the close (open->high history).

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@timothysykes Hi Tim. I am giving all my money to my parents at the moment as my dad is really ill. He can't work. I am a hard worker. Have read the numerous free stuff you have posted.. It has been truly amazing. I am a sponge when it comes to learning and you are the best mentor. I have saved up pennys and pounds to open a small account with TD Direct (UK Broker). Hopefully I will save up to buy your alert pack.. which will be the simple Tim Alerts..$75 p/m. I hope to make some money in that month so that I can afford to invest in my education... Everything little thing you post.. i read it 5 times over.. even your videos.. i pause and try to get the little details when you are switching screens etc. I am really keen to learn Tim.. its just money is the fundamental thing that I don't have to aid my education.. BUT I am hugely inspired by you and your work... Especially the schools you have opened. My mum is brought up in an orphanage so I know the real value of what you are doing Tim. I think we all appreciate the Trading side.. but I really appreciate the charity work Tim! Hats off to your parents for such a great upbringing!! God Bless you and he clearly has been and will always do for all your good work. I hope to stick around and one day be on a yacht with you on the Caribbean playing beer ping pong.

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