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Cyra Sep 07, 17 2:04 AM

are you a challenge student or penny stock silver subscriber? Good work on the amazing market play! good luck verifying your trades

Get_Rich_or_Die_Trying Sep 07, 17 7:52 AM

Gotta wait til the next day to upload "verified" trades, or you can put it in manually

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GT500 Oct 14, 17 10:47 AM

Ty for sharing, but at what point are you buying? At that b/o or in or are you buying few days after ER in expectation that b/o will happen later? Ty.

cwood Oct 15, 17 6:17 PM

@GT500 the "E" on the chart indicates the earnings announcement, so you can see how many days it takes to break out. Entry depends on risk and price action, each play is different

Cbthomas Dec 25, 17 5:14 PM

good job keep it up.

papajohn Jan 27, 18 11:04 PM

This is great and aligns very well with my current strategy. I will have to investigate this further.

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Madbash Aug 12, 17 9:15 AM

@xRedxBeardx I have played them long and short over the years, but you need to focus on the most volatile stocks. The weed plays have been kind of weak lately while the Shippers and The Bitcoin Mania offers the best plays right now. We need stocks with significant volume for the strategy to be most effective.

TraderJackson Aug 12, 17 10:03 AM

Agree with Madbash. You can day trade certain American weed stocks that may have a catalyst but as you probably know the companies in this country can't even utilize financial institutions and are taxed heavily. Also with Trump and Sessions in office you have the fear of a crackdown although I think there is too much momentum to stop it at this point. As far as investing in a company I would look to Canada where weed is legal on the federal level. Some companies like Aphria are already profitabl

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Palmer Jul 26, 17 4:05 PM

@TraderJackson wellll...more shorts available with IB but a lot more disconnects also which really sucks. Could not even trade today...too many interrupts. Depending on your share size commissions can be lower with IB but still, all these damn interruptions so aggravating.

Palmer Jul 26, 17 4:06 PM

Not sure what is going on with Vedrizon hot spot connection but it started to really crap out a few months ago. Looked into a cell phone signal booster from Verizon but not sure about that one.

Palmer Jul 26, 17 4:08 PM

Office signal strength has gone down for some reason...TOS doesn't lose connection as much so might try to just trade with IB through phone ap for a while.

Palmer Jul 26, 17 4:08 PM

Done it a few times and fills actually faster but just too pissed to do anything right now...

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Champ Jul 21, 17 7:20 AM

Bob, your success ratio is phenomenol. Would you consider doing a "trade of the week" video tutorial on YouTube to explain why you picked the stock, entry and exit points?

alealvarez Jul 21, 17 1:19 PM

Hi Bob, when you wake up in the morning do you check for news on the stocks that are in your watchlist? Just curious..

InevitableMil Jul 21, 17 6:07 PM

Bob, Id love to see a breakdown of your daily routine/schedule as it pertains to trading if you don't mind sharing!

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