@RolandWolf Hey Roland, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work with videos and alerts in the chatroom. Since I joined the challenge last week, each alert from you is like a trail to a golden nugget of insight and information haha. So thanks man, you are the trader I've learned the most valuable advanced lessons from. Keep on being awesome - I'm going to be tinkering to figure out how you scanned and found LTEA! :)

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Champ Dec 31, 17 6:05 PM

Zachary... Which chat room are you referring to? Is that Tim's Chat?

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Stockspicker Dec 13, 17 7:43 PM

Yeah, be careful .... I think Goode did ok on it today but right now Bitcoin is down 6% to 16,600 Thanks for the info

Champ Dec 14, 17 8:35 AM

Bob... I just looked at APPS. I was thinking about a play but in the overnight it went from $1.90 up to $2.15 and now back down to $1.88. When I see these eradict moves like this I just don't know what to make off it. Is this a long, a short, or no play at all?

Turbobob Dec 14, 17 8:39 AM

Just an idea. Probably not a trade for me.

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Champ Jul 21, 17 7:20 AM

Bob, your success ratio is phenomenol. Would you consider doing a "trade of the week" video tutorial on YouTube to explain why you picked the stock, entry and exit points?

alealvarez Jul 21, 17 1:19 PM

Hi Bob, when you wake up in the morning do you check for news on the stocks that are in your watchlist? Just curious..

InevitableMil Jul 21, 17 6:07 PM

Bob, Id love to see a breakdown of your daily routine/schedule as it pertains to trading if you don't mind sharing!

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Fortune1OnPT Jul 13, 17 3:19 PM

Turbobob is there any dvd's or videos from Tim's Challenge program that gave you an ' Aha!' moment or did you have that moment before Tim's Challenge?

Turbobob Jul 13, 17 3:21 PM

None gave me the "ah ha" moment. Watched them all and learnt the different patterns.

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Clean_Supreme Jul 12, 17 4:49 PM

@Turbobob ok thanks for input! ive been just looking at lower priced stocks due to having a small account at etrade. is it smarter to look at stocks higher in price even with a lower account?

Turbobob Jul 12, 17 5:02 PM

My theory is you cannot spend % gains, only absolute gains. So, it is irrelevant to me what % gain a stock has when I trade. I only look at absolute numbers. YOu either take big positions on cheap stocks for small moves or small positions in big stocks for big moves. Most of the stocks I trade over $10. move $.50 to $1.00 per day.

Turbobob Jul 12, 17 5:03 PM

Trade what works for you.

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