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RCTrader May 29, 18 11:08 PM

Steve, like you I am a Brit, work and like to have a drink or two. Actually your podcasts sometimes sounds like the old fella at my local pub lol. At work, you need to be disciplined, when you go for a piss up, you let go, I find when I trade, when I see it as work I am usually more disciplined, when I get excited to get back into the market I seem to have less discipline and hence worst results. Heads up matey, you will get it, actually you have already get it but just have a few undisciplined

dmatin May 30, 18 10:56 AM


JeepTrader May 30, 18 5:13 PM

We support you Jevon!! I'm going to call you delusional just because it appears to motivate you. That CRACKED me up! Good to know you are learning from your mistakes. YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!! Put May behind you and kill it in June.

Clovis May 31, 18 11:23 AM

Great lesson, keep it up and don't give up!

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@dixielee1969 Your doing good on here. What has helped you the most ?

dixielee1969 May 27, 18 8:10 AM

having some health issues but I post when I can

Fox_Trader May 27, 18 7:50 PM

Sounds good was on Twitter , Skype with the little group I trade with there's about 20 of us left the others have blown up, hopefully at some point they will get back into it. When I start expanding my trading areas will get back on like I was, when I was in the chat room it was a distraction to me. Had quad monitors going have gone down to Dual with success . Two or three is good. Three Might be my magic number will have to see, about bringn it out again. I have a list of people I follow on

Fox_Trader May 27, 18 8:57 PM

Just added you on there. I bounce from Tim's chat to Underground. Enjoy both of them . Underground tends to fit more of the swing side of trading with me. Tim's is the daytrading side.

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DBHILL Mar 16, 18 3:05 PM

Hi Bob, thank you very much for your watch lists and information.. Have really appreciated learning from you. Just wondering how a big a stop you use on your trades? Some of these breakouts pull back for a couple days, like the ImmunoGen you mentioned from a few watchlists back, pulled back and is now breaking out again.. Thanks again for your posts!

Turbobob Mar 16, 18 3:13 PM

On swings, the stops are further away than a day trade. I set the stops at major support and resistance levels. I post my swings on twitter showing the stops @turbobob129

DBHILL Mar 19, 18 12:09 PM

Thank you TurboBob

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