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26R_COLE Oct 03, 21 10:06 PM

Great live trading lesson and talk throught Huddie. Funny CEI was brought up as its been back in the spotlight this past week. Former movers can move again

Stussyman123 Oct 12, 21 7:15 AM

Great live trading session. Thanks Huddie

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Buckers Jun 02, 20 8:47 PM

Huddie you have a really nice balance of reviewing your own trades and imparting good information and instruction, thanks

castlemain Jan 25, 21 11:35 PM

I Agree with those above-you are a talented communicator. Your video lessons are fantastic. Thank YOU!

26R_COLE Oct 02, 21 11:31 PM

Thank you for another great trade review lesson Huddie

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BrittanyTWilson May 24, 23 3:34 AM

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26R_COLE Oct 02, 21 6:18 PM

Thank you for the trade review Huddie

ChrisHollingsworth Jun 21, 22 1:49 PM

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