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Teyrex Apr 27, 18 1:32 AM

Your welcome

MBrandt Aug 27, 18 8:44 PM

Tried to respond to your comment by clicking your name but nothing happened. AMMA was starting to move, that's why I alerted it, but as soon as I did it started to tank! Oh well!

JeffBurnett Aug 28, 18 1:37 AM

I understand but your specific comment in Challenge was that AMMA is running. A stock isn’t running when it only moves a few cents. When alerting the Challenge room of a stock ‘running’ I recommend you wait for it to actually run (not just move) you give it time to run...if I hadn’t said anything then someone else would’ve. Thanks

MBrandt Aug 28, 18 7:27 AM

Yeah, running not the best choice of words. Thanks.

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