@timothysykes Hi Tim, studying the pennystock framework part deux dvd and it really compliments well to the "how to make millions" dvd in my opinion. Then the part in disk 3 at minute 29sh about John Mcafee is just exhilarating. I can't stop laughing. Thank you for everything.

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@markcroock Hey Mark, I just saw your video in the first of the Millionaire Challenge videos, and want to know how to hop on your webinars?

YPFF Feb 17, 18 10:26 PM

Hi Mark, can we congratulate you t for passing the $1Million mark or shall we hold on at popping the champagne bottles :-). Btw I just watched a free webinar on volume of yours and it is always good to remember the basics. Thank you for your dedication.

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SpectorMP Feb 28, 19 9:21 AM

Thanks Rolland, Great help in understanding this chart.

PocketPAT May 11, 19 1:08 AM

Thanks Roland!!! I'd definitely stolen your split view strategy and time intervals for long-term charts (I'd never used them in STT before seeing your previous video lesson), but I love this short-term perspective view as well. Consider it stolen!!! LESSON: For the mid-day perk pattern, consider dip buying the bounce after the INITIAL spike. Whether it consolidates or ramps, that's potentially the best area for risk/reward over proven support. LESSON 2: Don't be scared away from a potential mid-

shoeusn Aug 10, 19 4:01 PM

Great video! Really helped with my trades as I struggle by trading way too earlier into the trading day

wildwes Sep 09, 19 8:22 PM

awesome video roland definitely bookmarking this one!

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NOOB3275 Jun 09, 18 1:44 PM

please Roland, keep making some more video, all your video is so easy to understand, thank

PocketPAT May 11, 19 12:27 AM

Thanks Roland!!! Bookmarked! LESSON: Even tickers that are about to go bankrupt or even that have already gone bankrupt can still provide price-action to bank on temporarily.

shoeusn Aug 10, 19 4:04 PM

Thanks for the video!

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