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canudropit2 May 23, 18 5:52 AM

I’m learning a lot your videos thank you

RoyCreditor Jul 27, 18 12:53 PM

It's a shame I'm seeing this video so late haha. It's incredible

finnigen Oct 13, 18 6:37 AM

Thank you so much for the video lessons! They really help! Keep up the amazing work!!!

Jakestocks52 Nov 08, 18 7:46 PM

you only put out great content and i love and respect the hell out of it

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ClemLegacy Oct 18, 17 6:47 PM

Thanks for your videos and watch lists I have learned a lot following you, still have a small account though!!

penguin Nov 01, 17 9:18 PM

Hi Bob, when you trade in the day, do you usually use 2Days/5mins while trading real time?

Turbobob Nov 01, 17 10:38 PM

Yes, unless it is super volatile like UVXY, then I will use the 1 minute chart. Otherwise I am looking at the 5 minute chart.

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darianb Sep 03, 17 1:42 AM

great video. I have been trying more expensive stocks for the last 5 months, and stumbling across your videos makes me think that I will learn a lot. Thank you!

ScotV Oct 29, 17 7:49 AM

Hi Turbobob! Just found you here on profitly. Great videos! One question...What do you mean when you say "10 days to cover" because 10% of the float is short (9 million on 900k average volume)?

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