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Chas Oct 19, 16 10:52 PM

I am swinging banc to 15.00 because of bad SA article with false claims and a possible short squeeze.

spaceman2 Oct 21, 16 5:24 AM

What made you pick the .038 level on GBSN? On Thursday it was a great entry on that morning dip.

HebrewHammer Oct 22, 16 2:45 PM

@spaceman2 Thanks! Towards the close on Wednesday, it dipped to $0.0381 and held. I was going to use that as my risk (if it cracked below .038 I would have taken a small $50 loss) with the goal of it retesting the highs at $0.0525 right at the open Thursday. It closed strong so I held overnight and had my sell order ready at $0.05 first thing in the morning and luckily I got executed and made some decent profits. I'll take a 1-10 risk/reward ration any day :)

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[TimAlerts] SAEX made a run this morning and now it's retracing back to the 50 fib. You have to be early on these setups. Don't fomo on any of these. Wait for the next move. Patience is key.

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