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alealvarez Jan 18, 17 8:08 AM

Great video Arick! Keep going all the way up !

Zaleucus Jan 18, 17 8:27 AM

Sincere sympathies my friend.

HIMMENY Jan 22, 17 11:15 AM

my condolences for your loss

acsurfer808 Jan 22, 17 10:27 PM

Just catching up on your posts, Arick. While I don't know you, I appreciate all you do for the community and I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

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@fabbehn01 Hello Brandi, I apologize for the delay in my response. I am probably not your best resource as my schedule is really challenging right now, but I am happy to send you snapshots of my plays if you would like? I am starting a blog that will be trading focused but it is not quite up yet. If you give me your email, I will send you some snapshots.

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[TimAlerts] Caught .91 on BTUUQ pull back, added at base and took it off the table as it filled into gap. love those plays!


[TimAlerts] could just be my opinion but TKAI has been better short all day versus any kind of long. it hasn't maintained the strength of the morning.

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