@Turbobob what are your thoughts on $CNAT for Monday? it had quite a nice drop before p/h and had a slow rise into the close. wanted your opinion on it!

Turbobob Apr 28, 17 8:21 PM

It is in an up trending channel on the daily chart. It hit the upper range of the channel today and pulled back from there. It probably needs to consoldiate in here. But it is a great long term chart and would look to go long over today's highs.

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I was watching $CNAT today and although later in the morning/early afternoon it double bottomed at 8.23/8.24 prior to 8.45 spike. Not typically a time to trade but an opportunity to dip buy to make approx 20 cents a share. Straight from @timsykes watchlist.

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GUAMillionaire Apr 27, 17 7:04 AM

Went over this list w/my dad who's been wondering what my excitement for penny stocks has been all about. Used STT to show him AOXY and SHOR as examples. He's pretty impressed with how much I've learned in the last few months. Still got a long way to go, but thanks for the coaching, Tim!

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$460 profit CNAT Long Stock

Entry comments: Morning dip buy on this stock that has been strong lately, plan straight out of the watchlist, goal is to make 30-50 cents/share on the bounce

Exit comments: Nice, I'll take it, do not get greedy, this plan was STRAIGHT from the watchlist, read it outloud, preparation is key in this game

GUAMillionaire Apr 10, 17 10:47 AM

"CNAT is actually a nice breakout, but it's failed so many times in the past I'm not confident it has legs this time around unless they are smart and release some hyped up news to support this move...potential dip buy if we can get a morning panic or potential short if it can spike big...I won't touch it right now mid-range, I need some more volatility to open up better risk/reward opportunity, but I'm watching it closely." -T.Sykes

mastamo Apr 10, 17 2:27 PM

Hey Timothy do you read your DM's?

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donmanuel Apr 10, 17 12:41 PM

No good for me today. $AUXO $260.00 $GSAT (299.50) $HDSN 11.10 $SKX (113.40) XGTI (201.72) But not problem $5,022 Medicare Advantage day Portfolio. I need to understand more your strategies. Pattern always have quant data. Next step correlation of tick, Avg AD,volum, rsi and breadth

nedster50 Apr 10, 17 1:34 PM

Thank You Tim: Trying to stick to just 2 stocks a day not working so far CCCR nothing this morning DELT same just little ,thought GSAT was going to take off no didn't lost a 1.98 plus fees but out fast. Just having trouble catching the right one at the right time. Done for week studying #5 Framwork. I will keep studying till I catch the right one & then study even more to do it again & again. Ty for your teachings Tim. Have a good safe day. Later you all Ned

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