I was quite humbled on my $240 gain yesterday. I had watched all of @timsykes videos on the big loss and basically got scared. I realized That I need to be more disciplined and careful. If I do, I can do better. Well, I got complacent Friday. The first buy isn’t a bad one. I took Tim’s tipper and bought 300 NXRP based on the catalyst and the fact that the day’s chart looked a lot like the UCAR chart, so I’m looking for a nice pre-market play. Then I got dumb and greedy and bought 4 more based on similar reasons, using StocksToTrade. Forget being conservative, I used my entire tiny $1400 account. All will be pre-market moves, but I’m hoping to not blow the account up. Here we go.

Kekoa777Trader Jun 03, 23 5:24 PM

Oh, the other 4 are AKTS, MDIA, ADCT, and ELAN.

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This Month has been a pretty boring month. There weren't that many plays, and some of them weren't good enough to risk on. I trained myself to be patient very well as I felt some fomo during this past week and I fought it through, because that Fomo was completely wrong. Like @timsykes says No Trade is the best trade you make. Have a nice weekend!

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after 2 months of learning finally getting my feet in the water, I know its a little late for ideal trading time but just bought a stock MYT at 1.11 noticed resistance around 1.40s, sold at 1.42 made 6.19 with my 20 dollar trade I know its not a lot my with the 20 I put in made almost half of the money I put in. Now I just got to be consistent and raise my account to buy more dvds thanks @timsykes 6.19 in 5 min ooooh yeah

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Just ended my first week of trading with my new mentor @timsykes . Currently I am up 170%+- in my account. Turned 3100 to 8287 thus far. Course is easily paying for itself with insight. Thank you Tim & Team!!!

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@Jonk87 Hey guys, I was watching MBRX and I saw no filings mentioning public offerings previous to 2/16/2018. Then like the sketchy bio they are, the next morning they offer 9m shares. While i'm not surprised by this, I thought company's had to disclose previous to filing a 424b5, or can they file instantly and offer within 24hours? @timsykes @Huddie @RolandWolf @MichaelGoode didn't know who else to ask...thanks.

GT500 Feb 17, 18 1:46 AM

I have similar problem. I still don't know how exactly how offerings are made. More specific, I dont know what SEC file comes first out. Is it always first S-3, then they get EFECT from SEC and then company can do (whenever they want even a year later if they want to) ATM or 424b5? Where do I see is the offering is ATM? @tradescared, you should prbably know this.

Jonk87 Feb 20, 18 9:44 PM

best tihng to do is not over night long companies with no money or short term cash

maryharb Jun 27, 21 12:24 AM

I am a monthly subscriber for TimsAlerts and I can’t get in the chats or anything else through Profitly like I used to. Anyone knows how to solve the problem?

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(7.99) NET LOSS $AMPE - LONG POSITION 100 Entry: 2.90 --- Trade execution poor, I'm blind STT took my level 2. This is trading blindly without the level2, trying to be a sniper without a target guide. Exit: 3.02 -- This is a profit but because of broker commission $9.99 per trade. I am now on track but the LEVEL2 is taken out without warning even if I paid already until the 15th. There should have been respect with the users. I'm Learning already @timsykes @timothysykes thanks, but the STT service sucks. Respect to users should be there. @tbohen

TimeFliesBuy Jan 03, 18 1:31 AM

You already contact STT support? Complaining about it here isn't going to do you much good man, and if you want respect you need to show respect instead of saying things suck and tagging people whom you feel are responsible for your issues.

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I was watching $CNAT today and although later in the morning/early afternoon it double bottomed at 8.23/8.24 prior to 8.45 spike. Not typically a time to trade but an opportunity to dip buy to make approx 20 cents a share. Straight from @timsykes watchlist.

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