-$112 loss VNTH Long Stock

Entry comments: Recent breakout now with news today https://tim.ly/3AL5fcr confirming crypto/NFTs, goal is to make 10-20%, lets see how far this can run, thx STT Breaking News

Exit comments: Going nowhere fast, this one is just a weird price action play, small losses are fine, onto he next

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Tusya1 Oct 15, 21 10:18 AM

Thanks. I am still holding 100k at 0.0081 that I bought on 10/01. I am not following your rules! I will learn the hard way, I guess!

Julia767 Oct 15, 21 12:30 PM

Nice cut loose, I will stick on your RULE #1 Tim!

JCJC Oct 15, 21 8:49 PM

Nice Job

tupuad Oct 15, 21 10:39 PM

Thanks Tim

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$487 profit VNTH Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on slight dip off its intraday highs, solid first Green Day OTC play, goal is to sell it tomorrow in ht e.01s, lets see how far it can go, perfect breakout chart, doesn't get any better than this, just wish it had a news catalyst too

Exit comments: Nice little overnight tapper and morning spiker, I won't get greedy, just taking safe profits

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JCJC Oct 13, 21 10:42 PM


tupuad Oct 13, 21 11:06 PM

Great work, Tim

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-$132 loss VNTH Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought the breakout of this strong OTC play that's rumored to be announcing some crypto/NFT acquisition shortly, goal is to profit 15-30% as today is the multiday breakout above previous highs so let's see how far this can go. Cut losses fast if it can't hold this multiday breakout though

Exit comments: I sold for small losses here as its just disappointing price action the good news is my other Supernova play CIVX has woken up and is now back over .01 to .0102, up 32% as there are rumors of some upcoming news coming next Monday so that's my focus and I think it can go higher so I'm glad I was patient on that and gave it time...my goal on CIVX is another 20-40% upside, remember to sell into strength

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EdwinRoyal Oct 13, 21 3:50 PM

Cool to see your position size on your alert.

oldnewby Oct 15, 21 8:29 PM

I didn't buy on original alert but bought on the dip at .0079 since the "news" was yet to come out. Was patient and sold today at .010 on 500k shares. Thanks Tim.

mwg63 Oct 22, 21 11:28 AM

Knowledge Account Increased

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$1,400 profit VNTH Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this multi-day runner ahead of their shareholder meeting next Tuesday https://tim.ly/3kZLUQ1 and while I hate sub-penny plays, this one just keeps up trending nicely so I think it can spike more, maybe even above .01 later today/next week as they've also teased a huge reduction in shares https://tim.ly/3my3pXl and a shareholder letter and crypto/gaming https://tim.ly/3mjBc67 so their social media hype is strong even though no PRs yet. My goal is to make 25-50% on this one

Exit comments: It gapped up to .0086 for new highs over Friday's highs, but no PR or no new tweet doesn't help, probably because they're based West Coast so I'll take small gains here and not get too aggressive

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Tusya1 Oct 04, 21 9:42 AM

Good for you! Good lesson. Thanks.

mwg63 Oct 04, 21 9:52 AM

Knowledge Account Increased

BoBRed Oct 04, 21 10:25 AM

Bought 126,582 shares on Friday at .079. Sold today at .080. Overall, I lost $7.70 because the small gain I made wasn't enough to cover broker commission and fees.

Weetie Oct 04, 21 12:38 PM

In at .008 Fri, out at .008 this morning.

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$397 profit VNTH Long Stock

Entry comments: Late day breaking news from STT, share restructure possibility, it already hit the .003s, I;'d love to see it retest those levels, cut losses if no bounce,m but slid news heading into a late Friday trade

Exit comments: It tried to get to new highs, but now seems to be a double top in the low .003s, worth a shot on a late Friday news catalyst but just small profit for me, video lessons coming th next fw days that will be must watches so please study them!

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Rod_Trader Aug 06, 21 3:43 PM

Will be on the lookout for the videos, have a good weekend Tim

feldy Aug 09, 21 7:47 AM

still learning!! Thanks

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