@Jonk87 Hey guys, I was watching MBRX and I saw no filings mentioning public offerings previous to 2/16/2018. Then like the sketchy bio they are, the next morning they offer 9m shares. While i'm not surprised by this, I thought company's had to disclose previous to filing a 424b5, or can they file instantly and offer within 24hours? @timsykes @Huddie @RolandWolf @MichaelGoode didn't know who else to ask...thanks.

GT500 Feb 17, 18 1:46 AM

I have similar problem. I still don't know how exactly how offerings are made. More specific, I dont know what SEC file comes first out. Is it always first S-3, then they get EFECT from SEC and then company can do (whenever they want even a year later if they want to) ATM or 424b5? Where do I see is the offering is ATM? @tradescared, you should prbably know this.

Jonk87 Feb 20, 18 9:44 PM

best tihng to do is not over night long companies with no money or short term cash

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bobbythek Jan 28, 18 8:46 AM

Thanks for sharing, loved the live action. Great that u have your own team! Here's to success!

William_Straya Jan 30, 18 8:22 AM

Those last 3mins discussing volume and bottoming action was very helpful,adding another piece to my puzzle.

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@RolandWolf Hey man, just a quick question. When buying monthly, or yearly breakouts, do you think its better to buy the initial breakout or let the breakout happen and wait for it to come back to that breakout support to buy. Great trades as of late, by far my most watched trader!

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@RolandWolf how did you get over pulling the trigger fear? its not the fear of losing, but more the fear of wasting my trade on a sub-par trade then missing really good trades later. Thanks!

RolandWolf Aug 13, 17 4:45 AM

Can't help you too much there. I've always had the exact opposite problem, and have had to curb my instinct to jump in. Can be a little trigger happy at times!

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