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Flockstock Jun 24, 18 11:13 AM

Past history of spiking, holding spikes, sector hype, volatility, volume, clean chart must be present for ideal plays .. great review. Dont focus on options

zaraza Jun 24, 18 12:15 PM

This does take time and the mistakes will continue but I will not give. up on the process because the ideal trades do become clearer..Thanks Mark....

bradbo1 Jun 26, 18 3:08 PM

Thanks Mark! I have to work on my entries also. Making progress though.

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Key stocks on my watch list this week: $CIE, $CNAT, DELT, $GALT, $NMM

mnkmiley Apr 10, 17 4:12 PM

$GALT dipped early to 2.75 then ran the next hour+ to 3.68. The price fadded the rest of the day. it struggled to stay above 3 at close.

mnkmiley Apr 10, 17 4:15 PM

$NMM moved lower at open to 2.17 then ticked up mid-day to 2.28. It also faded into the close at 2.22.

mnkmiley Apr 10, 17 4:17 PM

$CIE and $GALT were both buy-n-hold. It was tempting to sell $GALT when it hit 3.68..., but I'm sticking to the plan.

mnkmiley Apr 10, 17 4:19 PM

There was a little regret for missing $CNAT, but there will be more trades to come this week.

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First trade dip bought 50 shares of $GALT at $1.63. Don't think I should have decided to dip buy anything yet being a rookie. way to stressful. Still hasn't broken it support will cut my losses when it does.

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[TimAlerts] I think alot of people will forget this weeks news due to a long holiday, I'd say don't hold XGTI or $GALT or anything if you can avoid it... Start next week fresh ;)

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