@bradbo1 Today, at 10:47am you posted "NETE moving". How do you set your scanner to find a move like that? There wasn't much volume on NETE at that time, so do you set your volume low to help catch a move like that, or do you only have % gainer. And do you have a 2nd screen for your scanner or do you just go back and forth on 1 screen. Thanks.

bradbo1 Sep 14, 17 11:22 AM

Hello MBrandt. I did this one the oldfashoned way. I was just watching the new highs idicator on the SST. I didnt have any alerts for anything at all. Just saw that it was a new high and the set up looked good to me.

MBrandt Sep 16, 17 10:06 AM

Awesome. Still working on my TOS scanner. Thanks

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