$287 profit HDSN Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this uptrending earnings winner n a dip off the day highs, aiming for a delayed morning spike straight from the watchlist, its tried a few times at this level and failed though so be careful, cut losses quickly if it can't break the 10.20s

Exit comments: Got a little bounce here, but it couldn't break day highs, overall market dropping big now so play EXTRA safe, http://tim.ly/snipersykes rules are in place today

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Rayhbk010 Aug 11, 17 12:50 PM

Hey mr.Sykes I know people ask you this all the time but is Robinhood a good stock market to buy stocks from for what stock market should I use because I'm using my phone

YangieZhang Aug 21, 17 12:19 PM

Nahhh it doesnt let you day trade with a small account@Rayhbk010

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ZachR Aug 10, 17 9:16 AM

Thanks Tim I keep missing at least half your list every time. But ill keep putting them togeather. And some day 5hey might look the same...

austinogg Aug 10, 17 4:00 PM

#1 first red day (mountains) #2 dip buys (panics, earnings & mornings)

FFrank Aug 11, 17 1:00 AM

Please come back to life and stay alive, far too much to learn from you, thanks Tim

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