Received 89 Karmas
emagennis Sep 01, 20 7:41 AM

Take what you can, learn from the rest!

rtanderson23 Oct 11, 20 6:23 PM

Take what you can learn from the rest

Holdmytexan Jan 01, 11:09 AM

Thanks for the lessons boss, I will take what I can and learn from the rest! That is an awesome quote lol

Matthew46 Jan 02, 7:06 PM

Thank You Tim! Take what i can and learn from the rest!!!

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[TimChallenge] Yes I something kept me from going with $CDTI even thoe I still want to because it is so close to the low. I'm like it has to go up. For and PNAT I should have when my gut told me to but now I'm too late and its ready for a short.

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