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Zaleucus Feb 23, 17 8:40 AM

Most excellent Dux, I aspire to do what you are doing

tptnyc Feb 25, 17 12:43 PM

On Friday 02/24 OWCP and CNBX both bounced at close. So what it indicates for Monday 02/27 go higher open or lower?

Butterflygirl Jun 15, 17 4:24 PM

I look forward to your next video. Thank you for sharing and WELL DONE :)

barista Jun 16, 17 6:41 AM

your my inspiration, congratulations champ

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@_Apache_ Yea, got 5.26 covered. Madd manipulation on this

_Apache_ Jan 26, 17 1:01 PM

well your exit was great. Not sure why it spiked, but as you say, it could be manipulation. Im guessing it could be algo traders propping it up after it came down a bit. but thats for another discussion

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[TimAlerts] nice. good luck on $ASYS. solid plan there. and yeah no shares to short PNAT, GLBS, or PULM. Have to get centerpointe lol. drys has shares. so it is just stupidity why i didn't short it. (Not sure if there were shorts available earlier)

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