2Palmer Jan 26, 7:38 AM

move up and out of consolidation but I would still wait for the volume to come in. Look for the volume that got the stock moving up previously and look for that same amount of volume to get it moving again. I have that in my blog somewhere here. Either way, I've been whipsawed enough from assuming breakouts that I will pass on them more now than previously per the fake moves up and out of the consolidation area. If in doubt, stay out.

1TheWindWarrior Jan 26, 8:38 AM

Thank you very much for the detailed responses, helps a lot.

alealvarez Jan 29, 9:32 PM

Nice words @Palmer . I kept thinking about looking for the volume that has moved the stock in the past as it might move it again if that volume shows up again. Did that work for you several times?

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[TimAlerts] Just few minutes ago Etrade had shares to short IDXG , now it doesn't

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