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Deshackled Jan 18, 17 11:36 PM

Btw, so that you might learn from my loss. I bot $8000 dollars 5k above my "rule" so I was edgy as shit during the trade. It dipped and I was in a panic and I sold to avoid a bigger loss. The lesson being STICK TO YOUR RULES, don't go so deep that your nerves are tender, I should have held but had WAY too much on the table.

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Knapp617 Dec 31, 16 6:15 PM

It might bounce to the 3

Knapp617 Dec 31, 16 6:16 PM

3.70 Ish looks like maybe support in the 3.40s trying to be positive

buckleuptrades Jan 01, 17 11:32 AM

Oh God I can feel that punch to the gut, so sorry, hang in there! (Died laughing at your write up, you've got a great sense of humor in a crappy situation. It will turn around. This too will pass. Thanks for sharing, I will be careful when I start trading. THANK YOU!) <iframe src="//" width="480" height="270" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>

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XRenegadeX Dec 24, 16 10:49 AM

I would recommend you do that first for a time until you're consistently profitable. I had to learn the hard way. Study, study, study! Then, study some more! Find mentors to follow. I follow Palmer, Arick, Tim G., Tim S., Michael C., and Scott C.

XRenegadeX Dec 24, 16 10:50 AM

This is a race won over time, not in a sprint. Think Marathon! :)

Pig_Demon Dec 24, 16 2:21 PM

Find a broker who has a deal with free trades and start trading it's the best way to start in my opinion. Everyone does good paper trading. I opened an account with 300 dollars and had free trades for almost a year (really lucked out with the deal they had going) and I learned more then just trading. I gained experience in the different types of trades (limit, stops, market), how I like to trade, violations ( you'll be glad you learn these with a small account) and many other valuable lessons pa

Fox_Trader Dec 25, 16 10:10 AM

Your going to want to paper trade first off Thinkorswim free practice account.. I started with 3 grand. 2500 is a good amount to start with

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