Palmer Apr 08, 17 2:18 PM

Stocks that have heavy pre-market volume, move up at the open, come back down but hold gains are the ones to watch all day. Just gotta be patient and let the volume come back during the dips.

TimeFliesBuy Apr 08, 17 5:34 PM

@kenjiii16 that happened to me as well, it was because i turned off email alerts somewhere and when I verified my email I never got the email response from it was odd, I also didn't get 2 of my 60 email lessons thats how I knew something was up.

XRenegadeX Apr 08, 17 8:24 PM

Kenjiii, in order to find proper entries and exits, you need to study chart patterns, practice watching the time and sales and level 2, and your volume bar. This isn't something you will acquire overnight. This will most likely take months, as it has for the majority of us to see proper entry/exit.

RyanH2430 Apr 09, 17 6:47 AM

It has become gradual for me. I started trading the large cap and medium cap stocks for a couple years before finding Tim and his video lessons. I look at the chart pattern, volume and look at prior days open and close. I am half way through the HTMM DVD and watched quite a few of the video lessons and still continually learning. I'm looking to keep my profits going.

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XRenegadeX Jan 22, 17 9:50 PM

Glad to have you back in the saddle, Arick! If you need a shoulder to lean on, I know I'm here for yuh! Hang in there!

lexram Jan 22, 17 9:57 PM

Great stuff man!!

JohnPalir Jan 22, 17 11:48 PM

Right over here in Sulphur, La by you. Just my 4th month into this.

Kilipax Jan 23, 17 2:48 AM

Hear, hear! I look forward to your perspective insights Arick! I really appreciate them. Thank you for all that you share!!.

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XRenegadeX Dec 24, 16 10:49 AM

I would recommend you do that first for a time until you're consistently profitable. I had to learn the hard way. Study, study, study! Then, study some more! Find mentors to follow. I follow Palmer, Arick, Tim G., Tim S., Michael C., and Scott C.

XRenegadeX Dec 24, 16 10:50 AM

This is a race won over time, not in a sprint. Think Marathon! :)

Pig_Demon Dec 24, 16 2:21 PM

Find a broker who has a deal with free trades and start trading it's the best way to start in my opinion. Everyone does good paper trading. I opened an account with 300 dollars and had free trades for almost a year (really lucked out with the deal they had going) and I learned more then just trading. I gained experience in the different types of trades (limit, stops, market), how I like to trade, violations ( you'll be glad you learn these with a small account) and many other valuable lessons pa

Fox_Trader Dec 25, 16 10:10 AM

Your going to want to paper trade first off Thinkorswim free practice account.. I started with 3 grand. 2500 is a good amount to start with

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Lincoln_Hawk Dec 16, 16 9:36 PM

@Chongette32 "Jungle" because it's often a time of fast moving indecision between panic buyers and/or sellers as MMs try to match orders. I guess he calls it the jungle because there's not always a clear path or direction to follow in a jungle.

XRenegadeX Dec 16, 16 10:50 PM

I agree that the initial surge out of the gate at 9:30 is chaotic. I've found that if I wait for the first pullback, it usually occurs within the first ten minutes after the open. Good time to jump into something if the pattern looks good and it fits with my plan.

Pandabear Dec 17, 16 7:53 AM

@XRenegadeX I've had success before with buying at the open but it all depends on the pre-mkt price action but from now on I'll just wait for the first pull back like you said and only trade breakouts if I see an ascending triangle or a range breakout after the initial spike

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