@Slayer Hey buddy...looks like my subscription with Sykes is done now, but they seem to be allowing me to log in still. Just not in the chat room. Just in case I can't get back in again, best of luck in the new year to you. I can still be reached at my email using darcykarpol at gmail. I am taking a short hiatus to clear my head and hopefully get back into this in January.

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aaronmizellam Jun 21, 22 2:03 PM

Being Disciplined Pays Off!! Be willing to Cut and Attack latter! Thanks Roland!

brandonkoy Dec 14, 22 8:02 AM

Idea was to see a morning spike. Got that and Plan was to short into a lower high. At 4.18 looked like a stuff on level 2. Entry 8,000 shares 4.15. Risk HOD 4.20. Immediate fading very stress free. Started locking in gains on the big red candles on the way down to take away some of the emotions. It was easy to sit through the bounce after realizing some gains. Thought about adding into the bounce but decided to just be patient with the shares that he had. Covered some more into g/r 3.50 level. E

brandonkoy Dec 14, 22 8:09 AM

xit the rest in the 3.20s avg 3.41 covers $5900 gain. Started looking for a bounce in the 3s. Got down to 3.13 Entered long 5,000 shares 3.22. Exit 3.32 almost $500. Indicators for shorting frontside: no catalyst, a lot of chat room pumping, 3rd green day, running last week and a half, gap up and spike.

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@thesaint_incanada Thanx. Yes DR-tsx had everything I look for and I found it soon enough for once. LOL.

MarianoAugusto Aug 11, 17 2:53 PM

Pretty nice record man, clean over all... I can see that you are in the right track. I will continue to see your performance as example to me, thanks for posting and I wish you just success!!!

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26R_COLE Sep 25, 21 8:41 PM

Thank you for the video lesson Roland

aaronmizellam Jun 14, 22 2:25 PM

Don't Chase!! Pay attention to the indicators volume/chart/ price action/level 2 Thanks Roland!

brandonkoy Dec 14, 22 7:39 AM

2.60 to 1.60 $1 crack nice big panic for the dip buy. Missed the first dip watching other stocks. Saw it in the 1.90s idea was it breaks the low. Mental idea was the 1.50 area. Indicators for Entry: chart, level 2, volume. Entry 15,000 shares 1.63 avg. After entry it was just being patient, in his head looking at the 2.15 level. 10-15 mins later it got to that level and saw some topping Exit 2.13 avg $7500 gain in just about 10 mins. Cant hold and hope on these.

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