@Slayer Hey buddy...looks like my subscription with Sykes is done now, but they seem to be allowing me to log in still. Just not in the chat room. Just in case I can't get back in again, best of luck in the new year to you. I can still be reached at my email using darcykarpol at gmail. I am taking a short hiatus to clear my head and hopefully get back into this in January.

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Cha_Ching Sep 14, 17 1:01 AM

Great video, I have two questions, after watching some of your videos 1. Why do you feel TCON was over extended when it spiked from $2. to around $3.80 compare to your play to $NLNK? 2. Would you consider going long on TCON when it pulled back on the morning spike and landed on the prior resistance of $3.30? If no, why? thanks

dejesus Oct 02, 17 1:23 PM

You do very good on your videos. Thanks

Ross17 Oct 04, 17 9:59 PM

Thank you for this video Roland more power to you.

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doron18 Aug 30, 17 8:54 AM

Thanks for the video! Great tips!! Thanks for sharing your strategy

chytex2005 Aug 31, 17 1:11 PM

@dux Thanks for the great video. Please I need more clearification on the OTC and NASDAQ Breakout/Breakdown behaviours. Keep up the good work!

JamminJay2020 Sep 03, 17 1:34 AM

Thanks for the great lesson on OTC breakouts and emotion Dux. Your the man! Your english is getting better already. Don't listen to the haters. Your doing a great job sharing all of your great knowledge and we appreciate you sharing very much.

Daniel_C Sep 05, 17 10:49 PM

Thanks again for the video lessons!

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