@RolandWolf Hi Roland, I have a question that no-one seems to want to answer. I am looking for a broker that is most likely to allow to trade a stock like BITCF the day it comes back to the market from being suspended. So far the only answer from Michael was CenterPoint, but they require $50k to open an account. Do you know any other ones? I know E*Trade doesn't. I have spent days calling brokers, and they can't even answer my question. Any help is greatly appreciated.

AnneMarita Sep 01, 17 5:01 PM

I'm actually not talking about shorts. I'm talking about the stocks that get suspended, just like SEC did with BITCF. When a stock like that starts trading again, most brokers don't even list them for several days. I'm looking for one that is most likely to allow trading of these stocks from the moment they are back up. My main broker E*Trade certainly don't have stocks like this up the first day. This is the kind of info that I cannot even get by calling the brokers. I tried.

cjpanos Sep 02, 17 1:33 AM

@AnneMarita Hey Anne, i believe BITCF currently still on halt. once the halt is removed you should be able to use any platform to trade these securities. Your broker is only typically needed when borrowing shares. I.B. , suretrader, ETrade, centerpoint and Trade Zero ( If youre not a american resident ) are the most common broker/platforms trader usae.

AnneMarita Sep 02, 17 8:53 AM

I appreciate all the help. However, as I'm saying above, BITCF is still suspended, but you'll see when it gets back on the market, most brokers won't have it available for trading the first day. And the first day is when the money can be made. So far I only know of ONE broker who will have this stock available from the first day, which is CenterPoint, but they require a $50k deposit. Beside Michael Goode, now I also heard back from Tim Grittani, and both said that CP is the only one they know of

AnneMarita Sep 06, 17 12:33 AM

I don't think you're screwed. You just won't be trading every grey sheet stock until you have $50k.

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