Got my butt handed to me today because I sat on my trades too long while in profit, down about $250, but they hit my risk and I exited. I had profit, but under estimated numbers that I anticipated being key levels, such as whole and half dollar marks and I felt my open positions would hold further. Thankfully I didn't hold them longer as these positions would have kept going in the opposite direction. Live and learn.

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Two losing trades, I kind of feel like I'm trading how Christopher Walken would trade. Well you know, those crazy stocks with their patterns and all, where's my bottle of scotch. I took a chance at these two, one trade ANY , I usually don't trade pre-market because I usually like for clearer lines in the sand that usually occur a few minutes after opening bell. There was also news that they acquired another company and would use the same ticker, but the pre-market move around 7:30AM seemed to be the high of the day and died down the remainder of the move. The second trade, $BLDP, was also a chance that it would break above the $2.15 and it appeared to be an ascending triangle intraday, so I suspected that it would move higher, but instead long buyers took profits and once the volume left, it stuck around like wet paint near the $2 mark. I also opened a third position, chasing the selling volume, but once it reached $2, all the sellers left and took profits. Holding for close and will watch to see if people take profits, bringing the price lower prior to end of day.

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Deshackled Jan 19, 17 12:36 AM

Btw, so that you might learn from my loss. I bot $8000 dollars 5k above my "rule" so I was edgy as shit during the trade. It dipped and I was in a panic and I sold to avoid a bigger loss. The lesson being STICK TO YOUR RULES, don't go so deep that your nerves are tender, I should have held but had WAY too much on the table.

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ftmanglona Jan 13, 17 9:06 PM

off topic but how do you like suretrader? I'm thining about opening an account there to avoid the pdt

jamcor Jan 14, 17 12:26 AM

@ftmanglona I'm pleased using their web interface, but on occasion of high activity they may require you to sign in again while in a trade. The buttons to execute a trade are on the opposite side of the screen, so you have to move quick after punching in your price. Other than that, it's great. Oh, if you sign up, it was a long drawn out process and I had to call each time to get the ball rolling so keep that in mind. Last, the fees are high, nearly eats away at 50% of your profits, but if y

jamcor Jan 14, 17 2:06 AM

cont... but if you want to trade and get past the PDTR, this is an option.

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richfan Jan 07, 17 3:25 PM

Enjoy following your trading journey. Are you still using Firstrade as a broker? Could you give your brief thoughts on them? Cheers and keep up the great work!

Jonk87 Jan 08, 17 10:02 AM

@richfan ha cheers for the support i really appreciate it. Yea i use first trade and they're good but not good for shorting.

Madbash Jan 09, 17 6:28 PM

Thx for the Video! @Jonk87 We Will Not Fail, We Will Thrive!

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YawnAlot Dec 20, 16 12:02 PM

Focus on learning and getting good plays with real money (robinhood is free with no commissions so its good to learn with nd trade small/big) Little by little youll see what works for u, a lil losing streak wont hurt u cuz u know ur never going "all in"

YawnAlot Dec 20, 16 12:06 PM

Btw i got out of LEI for like a lil $50 profit today ha, i was in yesterday at 1.33

pierreramon Dec 20, 16 2:17 PM

Man i hate that PDT rule SUCKS... i went over one time because i didnt know that because I brought shares two time in one day and closed at end of day it was considered two. Luckily, etrade gave me a complimentary disregard and I have made sure i never go over again.

timothysykes Dec 20, 16 2:23 PM

You just need more patience, Rome wasn't built in a day

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