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caj100 Mar 14, 17 3:24 PM

Don't go into anymore trades. Spend the next couple months paper trading and finding out what patterns work best for you. I was in the same position as you a couple months ago and I've lost a lot of money.

Madbash Mar 14, 17 3:39 PM

I know we have all been there. It may help to write your plan down. Then, at least your ideas are staring you in the face. Good luck with the discipline! I know I need it!

urbo Mar 14, 17 4:07 PM

Definitely can relate to that

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colmooretrader Feb 17, 17 1:52 PM

the only thing i would say is one thing is to study hard and very intense trading with fear another thing is being smart while entering and exit it could break your heart at the end of the day!

GreTa Feb 18, 17 11:07 AM

@krs1 Classic beautiful, beautiful REVERSAL PATTERN here, that V-Shape Sell-Off, your entry would've been the next Green Candle to make a new high. The important thing here is you recognized the PATTERN.

krs1 Feb 18, 17 12:00 PM

@GreTa :) Thanks! yep... I'm starting to pay attention a lot to the lod scanner in STT right on open... this is where I'm looking for the morning panics... not all bounce but I find when it drops this fast that quick, it usually does

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TimeFliesBuy Mar 04, 17 5:23 PM

making a profit then going to the gym, or coming by and practicing on the wooden dummy upstairs. You're going to have more physical freedom as well. Once you're in the rinse and repeat stage, the options are limitless. Didn't Tim train with a UFC guy even? I personally can't wait to tell my work goodbye, After 20 years in aviation, and 6 of the Navy, oh man the Earth will SHAKE when I gain my freedom!!! Until then I just stalk my prey/Know thy enemy/use my internal force/help others/create posit

TimeFliesBuy Mar 04, 17 5:26 PM

/create positive flow. See what I mean I could write a novelpedia lol. What Tim is doing around the world, I wish was there to help because I know where he is coming from and I've been dreaming of doing that for over a decade. Things like cancer and AIDS have gone on without much resistance for far too long it's time for some good to kick A and not bother taking names.

TimeFliesBuy Mar 04, 17 5:27 PM

ok I'll stop, again sorry for the rant bud, I just wish you the best, know every trade!

Phipps_308bandit Mar 05, 17 8:52 AM

Dont be sorry at all, i appreciated what you wrote i am always willing to see things from anothers perspective. I look forward to whats next

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AngelTrades Feb 06, 17 5:15 PM

Thank you all! Very much! If things don't work out well I will revert back to paper trading!

Vash_Demo Feb 06, 17 9:12 PM

Congrats on making that big step. Best of luck to you!!

FirstRedDay Feb 07, 17 11:12 AM

I was using ETrade Pro, but I cancelled it, because they charge you $99 a month for the platform and it was eating up my account. But if you make more than 30 trades a month it's free and Etrade Pro has the chart out there in my opinion. I started using TOS and it's free. The commission are the same as Etrade.

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