Peregrine_Trading Jan 18, 1:40 PM

Why will it spike? Because you're trying to pump the heck out of it? lol Wait til Jeff Sessions is Attorney General and let's see how many of these weed stocks remain

Settler Jan 18, 1:54 PM

All of them. This is tens of B$ for taxes. The countire that legalized drugs, have seen HEAVY decllines in use of those drugs. Portugal legalized heroin and usage dropped 55 percent!

1Settler Jan 18, 1:56 PM

OWCP is haifa based research company that is aiming at Chinese market for MEDICAL cannabis. Medical cannabis means that hallucogenic component of cannabis plant has been removed, the end user is not getting high.

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alealvarez Jan 18, 9:08 AM

Great video Arick! Keep going all the way up !

Zaleucus Jan 18, 9:27 AM

Sincere sympathies my friend.

acsurfer808 Jan 22, 11:27 PM

Just catching up on your posts, Arick. While I don't know you, I appreciate all you do for the community and I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

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