@kroyrunner With the vast knowledge and experience you have now, I would love to see how you would trade just $1500 over again but in the current market, even just for a few weeks/1 month.

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WealthyLady Apr 19, 18 6:22 PM

Hi There! I purchased Stocks To Trade software yesterday and was really impressed! But, now I need to learn how to use it! What membership would you suggest? Shelley

F12B Apr 19, 18 7:07 PM

The Stocks To Trade software comes with detailed video lessons which are sent periodically to your email. Double check your email for the first lesson. If you have not received it, then contact STT Support at https://support.stockstotrade.com They will also provide you with other options if you wish to upgrade to STT Pro.

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SpectorMP Feb 28, 9:21 AM

Thanks Rolland, Great help in understanding this chart.

PocketPAT May 11, 1:08 AM

Thanks Roland!!! I'd definitely stolen your split view strategy and time intervals for long-term charts (I'd never used them in STT before seeing your previous video lesson), but I love this short-term perspective view as well. Consider it stolen!!! LESSON: For the mid-day perk pattern, consider dip buying the bounce after the INITIAL spike. Whether it consolidates or ramps, that's potentially the best area for risk/reward over proven support. LESSON 2: Don't be scared away from a potential mid-

shoeusn Aug 10, 4:01 PM

Great video! Really helped with my trades as I struggle by trading way too earlier into the trading day

wildwes Sep 09, 8:22 PM

awesome video roland definitely bookmarking this one!

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mrcriter Jul 26, 17 4:40 AM


trugreen Jul 27, 17 5:32 PM

The forecast for Chicago is Sunny and beautiful blue skies ahead : )

johhin Jul 28, 17 11:36 AM

I want Chicago back, he was always watching the chat and moderating in a timely matter, also has very nice and positive attitude. Makes the chat room a lot better!

F12B Sep 08, 17 8:35 PM

We Want Chicago777 Back! He's always helpful, and should be returned to his rightful red status.

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$MNKD Was a huge gain for me today! I was in at 1.16 and out at 1.72 for $560 profit.

Teyrex May 11, 17 10:30 AM

Nice job BigTim, Ii was also in this stock at 1.14 but freaked out when it dipped the same day and sold with a small loss. I really wish I held but there will always be another.

F12B May 11, 17 11:45 AM

@Teyrex I know, those small dips scare me too. It's always better to be safe with our money than sorry.

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