speeddemonDec 27, 16 3:45 PM

Thanks boss! I seem to see your point...BUY THE DIP! Study the past to see the future!!!!! STUDY STUDY STUDY! Get the squeeze

VetteguyDec 27, 16 3:46 PM

Thank you Tim, love the ending, have a goodnight as well!

HMstarsDec 27, 16 3:47 PM

Great chart pattern, another one for my list Thanks Tim

bodazaphfaDec 27, 16 3:48 PM

Dip buy uptrending stocks during the morning panic. Aye.

krs1Dec 27, 16 3:48 PM

When it got up to .90c and I didn't see your sell alert on $NDEV I was thinking to myself, I hope he sold...but it doesn't matter because you still banked!.... and another note... for those who say they can't study because they don't have time.... people find time for what's important to them - always! ... the ironic part is that if you study, this could change your life AND YOUR SCHEDULE giving you more time to do things you want! Thanks for the vid Tim!

timothysykesDec 27, 16 3:48 PM

@HMstars good! The sooner you learn this pattern the better prepared you'll be in the future when it shows itself

SlayerDec 27, 16 3:54 PM

Tim, Thanx for the video. I watch all the videos you put out, read your Watch List every night (or early in the morning) & then create my Watch List also which often is different from your. I missed the great opportunities this morning due to a family issue but applied the Dip Rules and still made a few $$ in the afternoon.

speeddemonDec 27, 16 4:23 PM

krs1- Amen to that! I am a little older than most and drive 1.5 hours each way to work, work a 9 hour day and when I get home there is no such thing as television. I decide how I want to spend my time and that is studying!

yads206Dec 27, 16 4:43 PM

Good $hit Tim!!! I will have my eyes on these tickers tomorrow morning as well. Love the follow up vids on a good day for trading.

ebb6floodDec 27, 16 5:03 PM

Thanks Tim for this and all the video's, watched the traderchecklist three times. started a couple weeks ago trading with real small positions maintaining the same balance and studying everything you throw out to us , will upgrade to silver

trugreenDec 27, 16 5:05 PM

Thank you. Shalom

alan316Dec 27, 16 5:09 PM

Thanks for another great video, I study every night, I am raising my grandson, and work all day, and cook, and watch all your DVDS and your videos and check on stocks I'm watching. so if others don't have time please change life with me because I need more friggin work to do. so I don't have time to study. You get my point I hope. and I'm 51 years old! just got framework DVD also

BiffleDec 27, 16 5:44 PM

Thanks again Tim!

bank_a_tronicDec 27, 16 6:29 PM

Buy the dip on a morning panic, on a stock that has been up nicely, when it tests an area right above the support dip! Deposited more $ in my account so no I can make more trades & not have to miss trades waiting for the $ to clear the t+3 WOOOOO HOOOOO!! :))

ErazzDec 27, 16 7:20 PM

Way to say it! Study, Study, Study. Over and over you have to say it. Those that don't study, will feed the pot for those who do! You can't save the world, just do what you do and let the chips fall! Thank you for the lessons.

LegalPimpDec 27, 16 7:49 PM

Thank for the gifts! I'm liking Chanukah

matt6268Dec 27, 16 7:55 PM

After watching this lesson I started looking at stocks for this pattern. WOW thanks for the knowledge Tim.

anilvic24Dec 27, 16 8:40 PM

Thank you for the 4th Gift!

MidnightTraderDec 27, 16 8:59 PM

Thx for the lesson Tim. Didn't get the Dip Buy on $CNAT as I was focused on looking for it to b/o above the pre-market high @ 4.78. I guess the lesson for me is that I need to prepare for multiple scenarios; in $CNAT's case a straight b/o and a dip buy scenario. My bad. Thx again for adding to my knowledge account.

ato_reedDec 27, 16 9:51 PM

Thanks for the math lesson!

BigDogDec 27, 16 9:53 PM

Thank you Tim, great trade. Wow, $NDEV, really spiked,

La_RisaDec 27, 16 9:54 PM

Amazing lesson, Tim! Thank you very much for all your hard work!

smillie327Dec 27, 16 10:03 PM

Watched...In CARA 9.98 o/n... out @ 10.18 @ open on failure to spike...studied SGYP & CNAT nite before...watched mid-range P/A on both the next day...have been in CNAT twice before for a loss when contract was new...felt the P/A too choppy/erratic for me to play ...was in AMMJ o/n @ .88...out @ 1.04 just before b/o...learning/trying...but timing is everything!

likens2tradeDec 27, 16 10:26 PM

Thanks for the shared knowledge #STUDY #shalom

Lx888Dec 27, 16 10:42 PM

Buy the dip morning panic and from past... My next purchase DVD Spikeability. Thank you

Health4SoulDec 27, 16 11:23 PM

Buy the dip but save yourself from catching a falling knife. Great lesson Tim. Looking forward to see today's plays happen tomorrow

Jonk87Dec 27, 16 11:39 PM

Finally get this shit I was looking to actually dip buy CARA at its previous day support but waiting for Stocks To Trade to set up and $NDEV also dipped to near its previous support level. Its insane I thought I could just follow a trend and get in early. It's ALWAYS big picture. Past performance of spiking, The chart's momentum etc etc. Good thing is. Now I finally understand it's knowledge for life. Cheers @timothysykes. God I think I just finally understand this all now. Learning took 4ever

Jonk87Dec 27, 16 11:40 PM

@krs1 mate I just can't believe how different I see these videos now to back in the day when first starting out. It's just an amazing feeling to understand what Tim is going on about hahahahah. WOOOOOOOO

chayes0983Dec 27, 16 11:57 PM

thanks tim always educational.

ByronDec 28, 16 12:43 AM

Amazing patterns! Thank you

tuntunDec 28, 16 1:20 AM

Dip buy up-trending stocks on a panic selling. I love the same repeated patterns you highlighted and explained by many examples. Special Thanks, teacher. I can feel your kind, good heart you have for your students. I have no doubt that I will become self -sufficient by having your millionaire mindset about trading penny stocks.

1960KileDec 28, 16 5:14 AM

Thanks Tim!! Another great lesson, keep them coming for those of us who are dedicated.

AashDec 28, 16 5:39 AM

thanks Tim,

OnTheFlyDec 28, 16 7:59 AM

Thank you Tim, another great video lesson, encouragement YES!!!

timothysykesDec 28, 16 8:03 AM

@Jonk87 glad you're seeing it now, it really is like learning to see the code behind the matrix, it takes time but you are Neo!

HokkaidoDec 28, 16 8:04 AM

Another amazing gift! Thank you Tim - you continue to inspire me to keep moving forward with how much passion you put into teaching. I can tell that Im almost there and on the right track. This video was validation in what I was observing and trying to understand when you would make a trade. Also, Marke Crook's webinars are incredibly insightful and I thank you so much for giving them out to for free - because even if most students don't watch them, they have given me so much more understanding.

Jonk87Dec 28, 16 9:22 AM

@timothysykes haha that comment is epic! I am Neo but do I take the red pill or the blue pill? Can't trade today though waiting for STD to get set up!

Jonk87Dec 28, 16 10:37 AM

@timothysykes ha Tim G nailed it in a webinar back in Feb I just watched. He was asked: what were the best resources he learned from and he answered: 'webinars and video lessons to make sense of the patterns and to see what worked for him. Then when you find what works for you it's more trial and error on your trading'. It's a great answer but you need a good 9 months of watching lessons to learn then more some.

FneDec 28, 16 12:05 PM

@Jonk87 purple pill :) Half in half out .. Education pill is the green one ... The key master has it to the city of gold

Alejandro86Dec 31, 16 4:28 AM


jiangDec 31, 16 8:51 AM

Dig thank you to Tim! I have just finished the traderchecklist DVD and learnt a lot. I am testing by paper trading and can clearly see the improvement.

TimeFliesBuyJan 02, 17 1:19 AM

If you look at EVOK before it dropped a lot, the pattern is very similar to NDEV now, I haven't seen the intraday on EVOK at that time but its very similar on the multiday. Great video thanks!

mw3fufuJan 13, 17 5:02 PM

Watching this made a lot of sense

FneJan 15, 17 10:42 PM

Wait for stocks to come to you ... Do NOT chase .. Dip buy near support morning panics only if stock has some strength ... If it is a red day , only buy near market close for a follow up morning panic .... Take profits, stick to your plan, even if the results are in your favor after selling, it is ok .. You stuck to your PLAN .. This is more important that you were on the right track ... You can also dip buy uptrending stocks not just morning panics

mbsdadJan 19, 17 4:27 PM

watched and learning!

GutterRatJan 22, 17 11:16 AM

This is my 23rd video lesson in the past 2 days. I'm starting to get things. Probably your best video lesson yet. - Done

Darryl2017studentFeb 03, 17 11:53 PM

study study study friday 9;44 pm thank you professor sykes

STickerFeb 05, 17 3:46 PM

Good lesson to understand when to dip buy, and when to short overnight! Same happening, different timing! @timothysykes

ritchflynnJun 09, 17 9:34 AM

buying the strongest stocks which are overextended on the dip in the morning (in a panic where stop losses are going off), aiming for a 20-30% bounce - cutting losses quickly if the trade doesn’t go your way. safer to buy after it hits bottom and starts going up.

LevroneJun 24, 17 7:02 AM

Great Lesson Tim

SPIKE1Jun 25, 17 1:43 PM

Thnx for the knowledge Tim

HaywardJul 09, 17 2:47 PM

Thanks Tim!

MKanjuAug 21, 17 10:53 PM


MachinistradesOct 12, 17 1:12 PM

Nice delayed spike on CARA . Goes to show that you can still learn from a stock even after you exit your trade, later price action may validate your thesis / surprise you. Great commentary

PlasticPaulNov 11, 17 3:25 PM

Awesome lesson. Gets a bookmark!

YPFFNov 15, 17 9:40 PM

Thank you Tim for having these haters (promoters?) that, for some reason, love to bet against you and getting short squeezed so to let us, newbies to profit. From a regular dip buying pattern, this has become the "Sykes Dippin' & short squeezin' Destroyer " pattern, lol.

RockRobsterDec 01, 17 1:32 AM

Buy the BIG morning panic.

2grasleysDec 13, 17 12:09 PM

Great Lesson Tim, Thanks!!

RudolphAnthonyDec 16, 17 3:14 PM

Loved this one...watched it on YouTube twice....Great lesson

ClaySDec 18, 17 11:30 PM

Good video

ZiggysMomJun 20, 18 1:45 PM

Prepare, learn the past, be prepared for the future.

LHowellSep 03, 18 4:03 PM

Watch a hot stock and wait patiently for a dip buying opportunity.

smyth10Sep 04, 18 8:54 PM

great video lesson Tim. Thanks

HenryCraigOct 12, 18 2:31 AM

Knowledge supports growth.

AEXONEJan 02, 19 10:37 PM

Can I please have some of your crazy pills? I SEE DIP BUYS !!!

Timmer1103Jan 21, 19 2:15 PM

Another very good lesson

ChristineBJan 22, 19 11:32 PM

Awesome video lesson!! Thanks Tim!

wright013Mar 20, 19 11:02 PM

great lesson thank you

KStangerApr 07, 19 8:04 PM

Very nice dip buy!

axlkApr 12, 19 7:03 AM

Thanks Tim

LizLeleApr 25, 19 7:42 AM

Thanks Tim!

JonathanIParraJun 13, 19 1:15 PM

Its a beautiful day it is , three video part pure madness . great dip buy and you underestimated but you played it perfectly . its not chanukah but thats a sexy pattern

SebiSeboJun 17, 19 11:58 PM

Thank you Tim

bdriesJul 30, 20 6:03 AM

Watched. Thanks!

dumbtradesOct 19, 20 6:11 AM

great webinar about how you can take advantage once of a stock once it has proven itself

didixiuJun 27, 21 10:15 PM

Thank you Tim.

HIMMENYJul 15, 21 11:51 AM

Thanks tim! its important to learn from every trade in order to do better on future plays, im currently testing, trying, and refining my morning panic dip buy skills, had a good one on LKNCY yesterday, but screwed up DPLS today, still always cutting losses quick and learning for the next plays! wouldnt say im fully prepared but im definitely working on it

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