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keelos Mar 20, 17 2:59 PM

You swinging $KEM as it broke through resistance?

Turbobob Mar 20, 17 6:58 PM

I would have a stop loss below $4.50. But chart looks fine.

wellwater1 Mar 20, 17 6:59 PM

I bought FATE at 5.04 today and I'm holding it overnight. It looks to me like it's gonna crack tomorrow. Do you think the same or do you think it still has potential? Thanks.

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kenjiii16 Mar 14, 17 8:36 PM

were you ok trading midday because of the strong volume?

MidnightTrader Mar 14, 17 9:07 PM

Thanks Bob. Another very clear explanation just like TG. As they say, trading is 20% technical analysis and 80% psychological. Being a black/white personality type I have found it very hard to pull the trigger on long positions. I am hopeful your watch lists where you set price targets will give me that extra bit of confidence to pull the trigger on long positions.

Turbobob Mar 14, 17 9:26 PM

It is just a ratio that is found by dividing the reported short interest by the 100 day average volume. If only shorts were buying and the all covered that is how many days it would take them to cover. A number less than 5 probably won't have much influence. 5-10 and a catalyst should add momentum to the move. Greater than 10 and a catalyst - let the fireworks begin!

Turbobob Mar 14, 17 9:28 PM

Kenji - Yes, but that and the soft makrets made me more quicker to sell. Except for the last piece which I had taken most of the risk out so I let it run.

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Turbobob Mar 01, 17 10:57 PM

It only represents a guide to follow. You take the reported short interest and divide that by the 100 day average volume. The resulting number is the number of days it would take if only shorts were covering and they all covered. A number less than 5 probably doesn't have much effect. 5 - 10 and a good catalyst and it probably adds momentum to the trade. Over 10 and a catalyst, let the fireworks begin,,,

NickE Mar 02, 17 7:32 AM

Good morning, Bob. CRBP just announced an offering at 7 dollars a share. Do you think that will have any downward pressure on this stock? Thanks very much!

speeddemon Mar 02, 17 7:55 AM

Thanks Bob, I'm still learning and your explanations are awesome!

Turbobob Mar 02, 17 8:57 AM

Nick - Generally it does.

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SebiSauce Mar 08, 17 7:13 PM

Great vid Bob -- are you looking at level 2/charts/time & sales on STT when you make your trade or the other trading platform? Thank you

Turbobob Mar 08, 17 7:25 PM

I use STT to find the trades for me, but then I switch to my trading platform (DAS Pro) to execute the trade and then watch the level 2. If it is a longer term trade (more than 37 seconds) then I go back to STT to watch the chart with EMAs and level 2.

ksmedic Mar 08, 17 9:08 PM

Great video - Can you give any advice on locating good stocks to trade to someone that right now can't afford a high monthly subscription to a service such as STT?

Turbobob Mar 08, 17 9:57 PM is very good. Even Yahoo finance. I also use the scanners that come with my trading platform at Sure Trader and Interactive Brokers

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BlackWolfTrader Feb 28, 17 11:41 PM

I think LIFE might have some upside potential tomorrow. It seems like a lot of long term bag holders jumped out on that pre market spike and held it down throughout the day.

moneybaggz5150 Mar 01, 17 8:08 AM

Thank you. Appreciate the work behind these watchlists.

DiamondHomes Mar 01, 17 12:59 PM

Bob, Where do I find out how many shorts are on a share?

Turbobob Mar 01, 17 1:37 PM

Stocks to Trade has it if you are using that software or go to Yahoo Finance and after entering the ticker symbol go to statistics. You will see it there.

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Zaleucus Feb 23, 17 9:40 AM

Most excellent Dux, I aspire to do what you are doing

tptnyc Feb 25, 17 1:43 PM

On Friday 02/24 OWCP and CNBX both bounced at close. So what it indicates for Monday 02/27 go higher open or lower?

Butterflygirl Jun 15, 17 4:24 PM

I look forward to your next video. Thank you for sharing and WELL DONE :)

barista Jun 16, 17 6:41 AM

your my inspiration, congratulations champ

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