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mnrivera2017 Oct 06, 10:01 PM

Taking the challenge with you, focus on the same mission. Attend the conference we had to miss this year due to unplanned life events. When we are there shaking hands we will be in green status.

Fox_Trader Oct 09, 6:39 AM

Wish I could have gone work wouldn't let me off .

LHowell Oct 09, 5:32 PM

Thanks for sharing your introspection. Best wishes in working toward your goal for next conference...oh, and maybe stay away from bikes!

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LHowell Sep 11, 3:23 PM

There is such a wealth of knowledge in this video, Thank you Huddie!

RouxBourbon Sep 12, 11:42 PM

Great video Huddie. So much in here, I watched it like 3 times tonight. I liked the intro where you touched on your beginning, the struggle etc. thanks for that. It was cool seeing you go over CVSI when it was practically a sub penny stock. Thanks for touching on your loss. That helps man. Too much to speak on in one comment. Thanks bro.

ZachR Oct 15, 12:08 AM

Fantastic review Thanks Huddie

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Sheffey Aug 26, 7:11 PM

Thanks for the explanation - thanks, Mark!

LHowell Sep 08, 8:01 AM

What a great lesson. Any one who missed the PR in Feb, but watched this video prior to the 8/2/18 - 8/5/18 BLNK secondary spike really did themselves a pays to know your history! The content in this lesson politely reminds me that I still don't know what I don't know, Thank you Mark!

ChristineB Oct 16, 3:18 PM

Great in debt details Mark! Thanks!

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richesndreams Aug 11, 9:34 PM

I am encouraged! Thank you for this post, for the reminders and for telling me that you used to use STT but that you use Equity Feed now. Thank you! I must do better on discipline and focusing on a smaller number of set-ups and STICK TO THEM without allowing FOMO to get to me! I know I NEED MUCH MORE DISCIPLINE!! I need to turn this losing ship around!!

LHowell Aug 15, 12:32 AM

Thank you for sharing your very honest and inspiring anniversary post!

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LHowell Sep 06, 11:07 PM

Volatility is your best friend! I like that you point that charts that appear volatile at first glance can actually be slower movers and/or don't actually possess the volume expected for a spike...all good things to consider when assessing volatility. Thanks Mark.

SeanLacap Oct 23, 8:49 AM

Identify the most volatile plays.

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