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GreenHornetKush Nov 21, 10:47 AM

A little over a week as a challenge student. This is inspiring after my 2nd bad trade. Thank you this was great. You need to write more. It gives up new people, a sense of where we are in our journey. I love how you gave us time line as well. I'm back to NOT trading and playing catch up on the learning for another month or two.

MCreator Dec 03, 12:59 PM

Great blog, Mason. Thanks for sharing! Would love videos on more details on catalysts and how you decide which trades you're going to enter.

SeaCruz Dec 05, 10:19 PM

Very inspiring. Thank you.

JackieChan Dec 08, 2:00 AM

Thank you Mason for sharing your thoughts and insights for us! Best wish for your long trading journey! As time goes,we all learn and get better at a time, our wish will come true! Hope to hear from you soon!

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LBJ40 Sep 25, 6:31 PM

I hope it's not dead yet. I got in this morning but before the dip. So I'm in a too high. Would love it to get back to at least .75. Fingers Crossed. If not I'll just cut my losses and move on.

Jincho Sep 25, 6:36 PM

You might get fortunate and have a bounce in the morning, especially if they end up dropping news like everyone is expecting. But I'd sell into whatever strength there is.

LBJ40 Sep 25, 6:39 PM

Yea I don't plan to hold on to it very long. Just long enough to make some of it back or at least lessen the blow. Only had 500 shares so not too bad.

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