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TreeTrader Nov 21, 18 6:44 PM

Damn Huddie, these video lessons are proof you're on your way to being one of the greats. Excellent content sir

dmatin Nov 21, 18 10:41 PM

6:40 first Roland now you with the boxmod. Maybe it's the vape juice that makes ya'll good traders lol

SafariTrader Jan 14, 8:30 PM

Fantastic information! Thanks for sharing!

DC_757 Jan 17, 3:51 PM

Thanks Huddie, great information.

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SeanLacap Oct 29, 18 9:02 PM

I only found out about it a couple weeks ago when I bought a certain stock late day as it took out the morning spike high and sold it for a nice gain. That same play I was surprised to hear that Mark Croock and one or two other students in the chat room had bought it like an hour before I did and about 10-20% cheaper than I did. I am not tremendously consistent with it yet, but I'm learning through mistakes how to better trade this pattern. According to my studies, you look for a stock that spik

SeanLacap Oct 29, 18 9:05 PM

According to my studies, you look for a stock that spikes big out of the open, 20+% on the day, and holds most of those gains until 1:30-3:00PM, preferably above VWAP. The stock will dip from the spike high as people take profits, but you buy a small position as the stock supports a certain level a few times and starts to turn to the upside.

britnirose Oct 29, 18 11:08 PM

Nice! I’ve only been doing this for about 4 months so getting the hang of it. Pretty much how you described it and how Bohen describes it. Spikes 20% in the morning, holds VWAP all day then spikes or breaks nhod around 2-3 and strong into close

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Khazaddim Oct 28, 18 2:30 PM

I really like tge part about quiting each day with positive reults

britnirose Oct 28, 18 10:50 PM

Congrats! Thanks for sharing. After being in the 80% mindset for so long it feels good to break away and do something more

Chopper_Trader Oct 28, 18 10:55 PM

Thank You Britnirose and great job breaking away.

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