-$350 loss GSAT Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this big spiker, already hit .60 this morning, goal si to sell into bounce into the .50s, could be quick

Exit comments: No bounce so follow rule #1 and cut losses quickly, speculative trade, this is the result, must stay disciplined!

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Caplos90 Jun 18, 20 10:31 AM

I should have know better than to follow your alert blindly. very risky play I thought your alerts would be less speculative

RChen Jun 19, 20 1:03 AM

Thank you. Tim!

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$572 profit GSAT Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this takeover rumor play on an intraday and multi-month breakout, thanks to http://stockstotrade.com for the HOD alert and the news http://tim.ly/2r2bQ23 any takeover deals/rumors usually are heightened on Mondays so shorts are and should be scared heading into the market close, small position though for me as this is speculative, I'd prefer to add more on a big dip, goal is just to make 10% as this isn't a hugely volatile stock, but I'm playing the odds with this chart/news/setup

Exit comments: I didn't get all my goals, but half way there and CNBC now talking about the takeover rumors, this is best case scenario on a Friday afternoon, video lesson coming, but I'm taking my profits here as this is NOT a volatile stock and CNBC sucks so bad, they're probably wrong and them getting their viewers into this now is possibly the kiss of death so I won't risk it over the weekend, be contrarian to mainstream media, especially when that media has a winning percentage of only 35-40% :)

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Scott_nowrealtrader May 13, 17 12:44 AM

Sometimes it pays to be lucky :) drops from 2.54 to 2.37 next got the top good work Tim :)

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