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Jules222 Jun 07, 8:11 AM

I understand your point, Bless Bless!!!!

MichaelPuett Jun 17, 11:09 PM

It makes sense. Super novas in industry leaders open the doors to more super novas in smaller companies! (especially sympathy plays / same sector)

JonathanIParra Aug 20, 1:04 AM

i understanding your poitn, buying a first green day on a breakout over the range and if i was trading that , i would defintely buy at the lower range and not chase the breakout . sure it looks good , but everything does in pure hindsight nevertheless love this premarket video

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($120) loss CASI Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this runner at intraday support, nice multi-week breakout, just off its highs only due to nasty overall market, goal is to sell into a bounce in the low to mid 8s, similar to my earlier bounce plays on AQMS which I underestimated greatly

Exit comments: No gap up so I cut losses quickly, onto the next, rule #1

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Persia May 04, 18 12:20 PM

stick to rule#1 - doesn"t go your way get out to save losses

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@timothysykes $CASI In yesterday at 2.23 - bought it as it broke out about an hour before the market closed. I guess it was a bit risky holding it overnight, but today I got out at 4.00 (a little early from morning spike) making $1700 on my first trade ever since watching your videos. You have made me a true believer! Thank you!

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