$76 profit ROX Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this other earnings winners off its highs, goal is for it to re-test those highs and ideally breakout in the low 2s, I was trying to scoop it up in the 1.80s but it bounced too quickly so I'll settle for this lesser entry price

Exit comments: Zzzzzzzz, tried to re-test its highs at 2 but it couldn't break it, likely due to the overall market dropping so I'm not going to risk it as this is a crowded long with too many people expecting a breakout, I'm out roughly breakeven on this one

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$215 profit ROX Long Stock

Entry comments: CHART trade example ...personal stop loss 4ema area, maybe give a little breathing room...personal target 2's ....company hired advisor to explore sale end of April

Exit comments: Took partial profit in 2's ...stock is volatile ....will keep on watch

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ksmedic Mar 01, 17 8:50 AM

Just subscribed this morning - Thanks in advance!

IceMan14 Mar 01, 17 9:16 AM

The day I can afford to fly and even take a taxi and make a consistent profit I will be going to live trading I've heard its so amazing and informative. Great work!

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MiaPlateau Apr 08, 1:54 AM

• If a low float company gets into a deal with a massive company, i.e. Wal Mart, it will spike.

TonyG1 May 25, 5:35 PM

Cut your ego and CUT yur losses quickly!

JonathanIParra Jun 10, 11:33 AM

Keep my ego in check when im trading and cut my losses and stay discipline . great trades

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($520) loss ROX Short Stock

Entry comments: Good morning, I woke up to see this plays piking big on little volume due to deal with WalMart, many people don't realize these little companies actually can lose $ trying to get their products into wide distribution and this is no low float play, its $110 million marketcap yesterday is now up $70 million in 30 minutes LOL, over-extended, goal is to make 10-20% on a consolidation, small position though just in case, I used Interactive Brokers

Exit comments: Spiking more, cutting losses, rule #1

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bigman Feb 28, 17 4:43 PM

At least you were on the right track eh tim?

bigman Feb 28, 17 7:21 PM

Wait a sec, the stock never hit 1.48... HMMMMM

bigman Feb 28, 17 7:23 PM

Intraday I mean

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[TimAlerts] not that i care about $ROX just pointing out that platforms display thing diffrently and before somebody says something is displaying wrong they should at least know what is being shown. Can't say it's wrong if you never seen it :)

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