$UEC Added to watchlist last night. Did not trade. It looks like the stair stepper pattern (6 month lookback). Low $0.82/share 10/20/2020 - high $2.95/share 03/15/2021. Short term support at $2.55 10 year chart showing resistance around $3.06 showing from 2015, if breaks can go to 4.58 as next resistance from 2011. Sell if breaks 2.48. Ride if breaks 3.05. SEC form 4 filing (03/04, along with online chatter promotions) for change in beneficial ownership - 60,000 shares common stock acquired by officer of company - has expiration date of 08/2021 - does this mean they're options? What does this mean?

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[TimAlerts] $UEC looks like a mover tomorrow. Closed at 1.80, 52 week high 1.79. Found it on Finviz top gainers. Was watching an STT video about Twitter integration and Tim Bohen found it by accident through twitter lol Went to twitter and put in the ticker, Mark Crook...was one of the tickers he tweeted. Uranium play momo from Trump approving the pipeline etc.

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