Tried to dip buy $ARCI. Dropped even further, stopped out at break even. Good thing I just hit sell as the candle seemed to go downward. Even though I got out breakeven. The green candle only lasted a minute, I should have let it shake out some more. More study time, I need to finish watching Pennystocking dvd before trading again.

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$4,250 profit ARCI Long Stock

Entry comments: TRADE or CHART example.....personal stop loss 4ema and i will sell if it goes against me ......personal target mid 4's or higher if it works

Exit comments: SUPER TRADE !!! Alert 3.95 now 5.70 in two days !!!!

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Woke up this morning a little late (stupid west coast) and opened my scanner to look at $FENG that I thought was interesting last week. It was doing nothing, so I opened up my scanner and saw $ARCI was streaking with 80% gains. I checked the chart and saw that we got some good news a couple of hours ago. I figured this is an earnings winner, volume looked good, price was hovering around $1.10. I missed the initial spike up, but I've never traded before, so I thought this would be a cheap lesson in how to enter orders into etrade, get a feel for execution, etc. I tried at $1.10, missed, $1.11, missed, then did $1.12 limit good-for-day, and it got executed at $1.10. Just a few short minutes later, I saw it touch $1.30, thought that would be a good time to sell, put in a limit at $1.33 and within moments, I was up 20%. Granted, my position size was super duper small (education > profits) and the fees took most of it out, but there we go. Now I have a better feel for the system, but this was luck and I know it. #hhtm

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