$960 profit ARCI Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bough this recent runner that hit the high 5s earlier today on positive business momentum news, lots of shorts still in this, I'd love to sell in the low 5s on any bounce, looks like the sellers are getting tired now that it's dropped $1/share off its highs already today and should still be a solid first green day for potential Friday morning spike tomorrow

Exit comments: Woooohooo, got my goals, not gonna get greedy, nice late morning bounce, shorts are so predictable LOL

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Nanigirl Aug 29, 19 12:18 PM

Thanks Tim!!🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

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$488 profit ARCI Long Stock

Entry comments: Small dip buy into panic near the market close, looking for bounce of 25-50 cents/share afterhours or tomorrow morning, nice runner all day

Exit comments: Nice little afterhours spike that hit my goals so I won't get greedy, taking my single...video lesson coming on this play, nothing huge, but low risk way to make a few hundred bucks on a small position

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walkabout Aug 27, 19 5:43 AM

Nice would like to learn more about after hours trading when necessary

Boy_Plunger Aug 28, 19 8:41 AM

bought the b/o at 6,76 sold on weakness at 7,44 x200 Shares small account, my first 3-digit trade. You're a awesome teacher!

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